Why Woodslake? That's why Woodslake!

Why Woodslake? That's why Woodslake! The days are getting shorter, the nights are colder and the days when you can fish are rare. Automatically you start to think about the sessions when you had some nice weather and a nice sunshine. This way, I found some pictures of 4 days fishing at Woodslake with my fishing mate Jasper during the ProLine teenage-happening, we had set the goal to move some of the small grass carp from Woodslake to the new lakes Charlie Lake and King Lake. What a session! Enough reason to write down some good reasons to visit Woodslake for a week!

1. Woodslake is perfect to reach!

The Domaine Goncourt in which Woodslake is situated, is about 465km from the border crossing Breda Hazeldonk, for our Belgium customers it is about 320km from Kortrijk. To arrive on Saturday at a suitable time, most of the guests can leave early in the morning and arrive at a normal time.

2. Woodslake is perfect to fish!

This water has a perfect stock with common, mirror, grass, and catfish, this makes it pretty easy to fish. Woodslake is pretty pressured, simple systems and baiting techniques will work fine usually. Don't you own a (bait)boat? This is no problem, also (or just) at casting distance you can catch perfectly some nice fish. Next to the carp rods, it is smart to bring a fishing pole, roach and small carp are perfectly to catch this way!

3. Woodslake has perfect facilities

A shower, toilet, fridge, freezer and power supply straight at the water... that is bloody useful!
Just a little walk and you are at the big lodge, where you can use the kitchen and there is an extra (luxes) shower & toilet and there is also some extra fridge- and freezer capacity.

4. Woodslake is perfect for the 'beginning' angler!

Lots of our customers bring young or beginning anglers... Woodslake is a perfect lake: you have your own mission to catch a big catfish or one of the big fish of the lake which are well over 20kg, and the fishery for the beginner are also nice and the chance of a bite is very realistic. Especially when you change the boilies for sweet corn, action is (almost) guaranteed! For the first time to France? Woodslake is certainly worth to consider!

5. Woodslake is greatly situated in a very nice environment!

The non-fishermen there is a lot to do nearby Woodslake. The huge Lac du Der is close by where you can swim, sail, walk and eat. Bigger cities like Reims & Troyes are an hour away and there are a lot of historic sights and loads of fun like amusement parks, shopping malls and some delicious restaurants. Last, but not least Champaign-tasting is a must in this region, in Epernay are the massive wine cellars of some great brands like Moet-Chandon which you can visit!

6. Woodslake is perfect for bigger groups!

The big peninsula has been made suitable for fishing last autumn. When the whole water is hired by one group, the can fish from the peninsula when the water level allows it. As a group of maximum 7 anglers, you are all close together, whilst every angler has got enough water to fish.
In short: a beautiful destination!
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