Weekly catch report of Lac de Viennay - week 22 July - 9 August 2014

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 13-08-2014

3 catch reports in once this time... and they are very good as Gerard writes us:

"Frederik Vlamynck and Jean fished Busters Lake from 22/07/14 to 29/07/14. Fishing from swim 2 they had well over 50 runs, landing 33 carp with 17 over 15kg. The biggest weighing in at 18.5kg. The weather has been hot all week with plenty of sunshine and temperatures up to 29/30 degrees with only one night of rain which didn't affect the fishing at all. They also landed a catfish which measured 1.52m in length and lost another later on during their week."

Carp fishing in France at Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake & Busters Lake!

"Hendrik Zagt, Rick van de Paauw, Marcel Hoogendoorn and Valentijn Hoogendoorn fished Alberts Lake from 26/07/14 to 02/08/14. They landed 70 carp between them with 7 over 15kg. Rick caught a 16.5kg mirror on his first day here, Marcel`s biggest was 14kg; Valentijn had a 18kg mirror and a 17 kg common on his last night.The heaviest carp was caught by Hendrik weighing in at 19.5kg - breaking his PB for the second time this week!"

Carp fishing in France at Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake & Busters Lake!

"Frederik Cretel, Christophe, Avil and Jelle fished Alberts Lake from 02/08/14 to 09/08/14. Jelle caught a mirror  carp of 18.2kg at the beginning of their week. Between them they caught about 55 carp. Frederik had 2 x 17kg carp and also caught the biggest of the week weighing in at 19.2kg."

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