Weekly catch report of High Mill Lake - weeks 5-19 April 2014

The last weeks at High Mill Lake have been great: good catches, nice groups of anglers and a lovely mixture of anglers from all over Europe. Andy, Tracy and Tony Davies-Patrick write us the following:
"5-12 April
2 Polish anglers, though living in Ireland, on this week, and they will forgive us for saying we had some fun with their Polish Irish accents all week! They were up on swim 10 and had a great week. Their previous PB's were 12.5kg (27lb 8oz) for Wojiek and 13.8kg (30lb 5oz) Marcin (hope I have spelt them right) so we were hoping they would break them and they not only broke them but they smashed them. The runs began the first day and Wojiek's first fish weighed in at 18kg (39lb 10oz) followed by a 16kg (35lb 3oz) then he landed a 21.2kg (46lb 10oz) mirror. Marcin was also well in with a few fish on the first day topped off with an 18kg mirror and shortly after a 13kg (28lb 10oz) grass carp. The fish kept coming until Marcin landed a stunning 22.6kg (49lb 11oz) common. All in all they landed 23 fish with n overall average for the week of 14.62kg or 32lb 2oz.

12-19 April
A busy week this week with 11 anglers on the lake representing France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Germany. It was lovely to welcome back some regulars namely Frederic and Frank in the chalet and of course our long term 'resident' Piet on swim 9 who joins us again for another 6 month session. We had some beautiful carp out too on a mixture of flavours. Monster crab, spicy peanut, banana, Mainline Cell, and of course the MTC Garlic. Our youngest angler this week, 13 year old Eric from Ireland, on swims 7 and 8 with his dad Joe and friend Noel, had a lovely 18.8kg (41lb 7oz) mirror on the MTC garlic, one of 3 fish over 40lb for the 3 of them. Erik on swim 10 from Holland also has a new PB after he landed a grey mirror on MTC Garlic at 21kg (46lb 3oz) and 2 lovely fish for Fred and Frank on the chalet, 19.1kg (42lb) and 21.5kg (47lb 5oz) on fish boilies. But top rods this week were undoubtably Olivier and Francois from Belgium up on swim 11. Francois of Paranoid Baits brought a mixture of their range of boilies and they had an incredible 50 runs landing 38 of them. So too many fish to list but the biggest included 18 fish over 13.6kg (30lb) and 3 over 18.2kg (40lb) to 22.4kg (49lb 4oz), average for them 14.4kg (31lb 7oz). Some nice warm weather too so a good week was had by all and the overall average was 15kg (33lb)."
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