Weekly catch report of High Mill Lake - weeks 23 August - 6 September 2014

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 09-09-2014

High Mill Lake: excellent hospitality and beautiful surroundings... French carping at its very best! Even in summer months, the average weight off the carp caught over the last weeks was well over 30lb as Andy & Tracey report:

Carp fishing holidays in France at High Mill Lake - Etang de Brigueuil with The Carp Specialist!

23 - 30 August

The weather continues to be changeable at best but some warm days. The fishing however remains challenging with some swims producing very little whilst others like 10 and 11, made dreams come true.  Alvise and Alessia from Italy on swim 10 started off their week with a 26.3kg (57lb 14oz) common and a new record for him.  He finished the week with 7 fish all over 14.8kg (32lb 8oz) with his average of 39lb 6oz so a great session for them.
2 more Italians fished swim 11, (the second time this year for Filippo) and they also did well with 10 fish to 20kg (44lb).
Ronald and Marieke fished swim 2, Marieke with her pink rods!  They landed 2 fish to 21kg (46lb 3oz) and a new record for Ronald.
3 Germans fished 7 and 8 for 3 nights but despite a screaming run on swim 8 in the first 10 minutes of their session they only had 1 fish on the bank between them, this time on swim7 and it was a nice 20kg (44lb) mirror.
Overall average for the week was 15.57kg or 34lb 4oz at High Mill Lake.

Carp fishing holidays in France at High Mill Lake - Etang de Brigueuil with The Carp Specialist!

30 August - 6 September

It was summer again with hot days and warm nights, perfect, and the anglers had some lovely fish to show for their efforts.  Jos and Tony up on swim 8 fished with Sticky Bait's Bloodworm boilies and had 9 fish including mirrors of 19.6kg (43lb) and 21.8kg (48lb) and a common at 19.7kg.  Roel and Yvonne over on swim 11 had 11 fish on tigernuts from 15 runs to 23.5kg (51lb 11oz).
But top rod this week went to Davy on the chalet swim who landed 10 fish from 12 runs, again on tigernuts, including an 18kg (39lb 10oz) 19kg (41lb 13oz) 22kg (48lb 6oz) and a 24kg (52lb 13oz).
Overall average for the week was 15.5kg or 34lb 2oz at High Mill Lake.

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