Weekly catch report of Etang de la Livardière - Week 4 - 11 July 2015

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 14-07-2015

Yet another great week at Etang de la Livardière, with plenty of 15kg+ and some 20kg+ carp are being caught. Bernard reports the following:

The Carp Specialist - Etang de la Livardière

"At swim 8, from Saturday till Tuesday morning, it caught 17 carp, the biggest one was a 18,5 kg mirror. At swim 6, in total 15 carp (two 15 kg, one 18 kg, one 20 kg mirror caught at 11 a.m. when i was close to Davy - 25 mn of strong fight-  and one 21 kg. All the catches in open water, big carp were caught with fruit boilies, small carp with little snowman (sweet maîs + pop-up). The average weight for the carp caught this week at Livardiere was 13.85 kg."

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