Weekly catch report of Etang de la Livardière - Week 11 - 18 July 2015

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 20-07-2015

Bernard is really enjoying sending over the catch reports of Etang de la Livardiere, and with catches like this (in the summer months) also the anglers are very happy:

Carp fishing in France!

"Swim 3 all the catches in open water, nothing at all close to the different islands, average 15,25 kg. Swim 1 and 2, first carp caught was a common 18,5 kg and the last one a mirror 17,2 kg, but average for the week was only 12,25 kg, mostly caught close to "the old net ". Swim 7, biggest caught was a mirror 15,5kg and average only 11,75 kg. Swim 6 had a good average with 15 kg, biggest carp mirror 19.8 kg. The best session was on swim 5, Vincent was fishing for 72 hours, result: 11 carp, a nice linear 9,7kg, 10,5kg mirror, 12,7 kg mirror,14,2 kg mirror, 15,3 kg common,15.7 mirror,17 kg mirror,19,5kg common, 19.8kg mirror,21kg mirror and 22,8kg mirror caught Monday at 5 p.m. at Etang de la Livardière!"

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