Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 7 - 14 June

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 17-06-2014

Again a week on the lovely carp fishing complex of Simon & Corinna in which 55lb+ carp were caught from both Badger's Holt as Lac Serreire! It's been a tough week due to the high temperatures, especially on Badger's Holt, as Simon writes below:

Carp fishing in France at the commercial carp lakes of Badger's Holt & Lac Serreire! The Carp Specialist

"Lac Serreire was fished by the UK Preston lads Pete, Mark, Gav and Dale. It was a great week with 60 takes and around 50 fish landed, mostly at night. The weather was very hot with temperatures around 29C the whole week. The fish still haven’t spawned, although a few of them were showing the signs of being ready. Pete, Mark, Gav and Dale all worked hard and some top angling was well rewarded with some stunning fish. All the fish were caught on Nutrabaits Trigga with pineapple and N-butyric flavor over beds of 16mm Coppens carp pellets. Mark was top rod and beat his PB with a 56lb (25.5kg) mirror along with around 15 others including two mid 40′s (20.5kg). Pete had 13 fish to 47lb (21.4kg). Both Pete and Mark fished the woods swim. On the left bank, fishing in the outflow corner, Gav and Dale had around 20 fish between them. Dale landed a cracking PB common of 46lb (21kg) and Gav had mirrors of 49lb 8oz (22.5kg) and 44lb (20kg). Twice in one day Dale ended up with two fish on at the same time.

On Badger's Holt, Roger van der Vaart and Victor from The Netherlands had 5 fish. It was a hard week with the high temperatures. Best fish were 25.05kg (55lb) and 22.8kg (50lb 3oz). In particular, the 25kg fish was an absolute stunning mirror (see photo in the water). On Badger's Holt the fish have also not yet spawned."

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