Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 30 August - 6 September

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 08-09-2014

This week, we've welcomed several UK anglers on Serreire and 2 Belgium carp anglers at Badger's Holt. Simon writes us the following:

Carp fishing in France, French carp lakes, carp fishing holiday with The Carp Specialist: Badger's Holt and Lac Serreire!

"On Lac Serreire, Anthony and Jason 'Bob' Poolman from the UK had a great week's fishing doubled up in the Woods swim. They landed 27 fish between them including 6 over 40lb (18kg) with the best 3 fish all going 45lb (20.7kg). They also included a number of good 30s, 3 catfish and a pike! Anthony and Bob did a great job by safe positioning of the baits and being right on the rods, with only one fish lost in the lily pads all week. The fish were caught on a mixture of Nutrabaits Trigga and Essential B5 boilies with most of the fish falling to bottom baits fished over Coppens pellets and a spread of boilies. In the Island swim, Lee 'Carp Slayer' Carrington had a hard week but landed a 21lb (9.5kg) mirror towards the end and unfortunately lost two. And over in the Birches swim, Kev 'Doom' Gibson had one mirror which unfortunately wasn't weighed.

On Badgers Holt, Kenny and Wesley Corstjens had 4 fish and lost a couple. The week started slowly, but after adjusting tactics and baits, things picked up in the second half of the session. The best two fish landed were mirrors of 21.7kg (47lb 12ox) and 21.1kg (46lb 7oz)."

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