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Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 24 - 31 May!

To spawn, or not to spawn? That's this week's question at Badger's Holt & Lac Serreire. Fortunately, there's still plenty of forties and even some fifties being caught this week as Simon reports:
"Once again the unsettled weather did not help this week’s anglers. We had a mixture of heavy cold rain, northerly winds and a few sunny days. The fish are close to spawning with some initial signs with the Lac Serreire carp last week. But the weather caused the water temperature to drop a degree or two again and prevented them getting on with the spawning this week. On Badgers Holt, Paul Biggs and Bob Hobbs from the UK had 9 carp with all except one of them over 40lb (18.2kg). They ended up with fish of 48lb, 48lb, 41lb, 48lb, 42lb, 45lb, 46lb, 34lb & 52lb. With an average weight of just under 45lb (20.5Kg), this was a very good week’s fishing! On Lac Serriere, the four UK anglers; Nigel, Anthony, Mitch and Jack all had PBs. There were 17 fish out with Anthony catching 11 them from the shallows including mirrors of 56lb 8oz (25.7kg) and 47lb (21.4kg). Mitch had a mid fifty mirror from the Woods swim, Nigel had a 47lb 4oz (21.5kg) mirror and Jack doubled his old PB with a 28lb mirror from Tim & Mary’s. Congratulations on all the PBs!"
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