Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 21- 28 June

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 30-06-2014

A 44lb average weight on 23 carp caught? An incredible result for Wim ter Heide and his father on their 2-week trip to Badger's Holt. Top angling! The owner Simon reports us the following:

Carp fishing in France with The Carp Specialist - French carp lakes!

"Badgers Holt was fished by Wim ter Heide and his father from The Netherlands for a two week session which turned out to be the session of a lifetime! For Wim's first week the fishing continued to be difficult with the temperatures being very high and the fish appearing to be preoccupied on natural food most of the time. During the first week, Wim caught a couple of fish which were well earned after working very hard with various spots and tactics. During the second week, everything changed and all the hard work really paid off with 23 carp being caught in the end. The number of big fish was incredible with 16 fish over 18kg (40lb) and 13 of those fish over 20kg (44lb), the best fish being 28.4kg (62lb 8oz), 26.8kg (59lb), 26.6kg (58lb 8oz), 25.4kg (55lb 14oz), 23.2kg (51lb 1oz) & 23.5kg (51lb, 11oz). The average weight for this session was 20.28kg (44lb 10oz). 
Great angling Wim, it was good to see all the hard work pay off during your second week! 

After the previous two weeks where Serreire fished extremely well, the fishing became a bit more challenging last week. There were 21 fish out to Dan Wrigley's group from the UK with Dan W catching 6 fish from the Shallows Swim to mid 30's. Dan A caught 5 fish from Tim & Mary's Swim and the Island Swim's to 46lb 14oz (21.3kg) - a move of swims half way through the week paid off. Paul had one from the Outflow Swim and Dave & Jay landed 9 fish from the Woods Swim topped by the huge 66lb 6oz (30.2kg) mirror as previously posted. Congratulations on the PB Jay - A real beast of a carp!"

Carp fishing in France with The Carp Specialist - French carp lakes!

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