Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 16 - 23 August

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 25-08-2014

One of the carp venues that has surprised us the most in 2014 is Lac Serreire... the catches have been great so far, with large numbers of carp caught, a high average weight and forties, fifties and sixties caught (nearly) every week. Simon reports:

Carp angling in France on Badger's Holt and Lac Serreire with The Carp Specialist!

"A fantastic week on Lac Serreire which was fished by John & Bea Lilley, Danny North, Mark & Mandy Bawden & Matt. Danny fished in the Birches swim and had an amazing week's fishing with about 20 carp landed including mirrors of 66lb (30kg), 56lb (25.5kg) & 46lb (21kg) in the space of a few hours in one night breaking his PB twice! Danny also landed mirrors of 48lb (22kg) and 41lb (18.6kg) along with numerous upper 30s with only two fish under 35lb (16kg) all week. Most of Danny's fish were caught out in open water over a good spread of bait. 
John Lilley had a hit of fish from the Island swim with over 20 fish landed including mirrors of 63lb (28.7kg), 52lb (23.7kg), 48lb (22kg), 44lb (20kg) & 42lb (19.1kg) along with a good number of fish between 35 and 40lb. John fished double bottom baits over a lot of bait mainly out in open water at about 90 yards range.
Mark & Mandy fished Tim & Mary's swim with Mark landing fish to 52lb (23.6kg) & Mandy landing a 32lb (14.6kg) mirror.
Matt fished the Shallows and landed around 20 fish up to 39lb (17.7kg). 
As mentioned in a previous post, all the fish were caught on a really high quality, nutritional 'food' source, frozen bait and it was interesting to watch this group of very experienced anglers slowly but surely build up the baited areas and land about 65 fish with a very high average weight. This type of 'food bait gets better and better as time goes on and also definitely seems to catch the bigger fish. Top fishing - Congratulations on the PBs and see you soon!

On Badgers Holt, Bob Underwood had an excellent week with 13 carp landed. Considering the difficult fishing over the last few weeks, this was a really great result! Six fish were over 40lb (18kg) with the best fish a 48lb 2oz (21.9kg) mirror. 
Bob worked hard with the spots and bait application which, at this time of year, is so important. With a high level of natural food available in the warm water conditions, bait selection is so important and frozen baits did the trick again. Great result Bob, see you in 2016!"

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