Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - week 12 - 19 July

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 21-07-2014

Our regular guest Markus brought his wife Marina with him for a 2-weeks fishing trip on Badger's Holt. After fishing France for years, this definately became a 'session of a lifetime' as Simon reports below:

Carp fishing in France with The Carp Specialist at Badgers Holt & Lac Serreire!

"Badgers Holt was fished by Markus and Martina Rossing from Germany for the second week of their two week session. The weather was up and down and extremely hot during the last week with temperatures well into the 30's. The fishing was quite challenging due to the weather and the natural food levels, but Markus and Martina still managed to catch 8 very big fish along with 3 hook pulls. Only one fish was under 20kg (44lb) with the weights being; 28.5Kg (62lb 11oz) common, 27.2kg (59lb 13oz), 23.4kg (51lb 8oz), 23.2kg (51lb 1oz), 21.8kg (47lb 15oz), 21.2kg (46lb 10oz), 20.5kg (45lb 2oz) & 19.5kg (42lb 14oz). The average weight for the session was 23.2kg (51lb 1oz) - Quite exceptional!

Most of the fish were caught fishing close to the far bank tree line. Markus, we look forward to seeing you on Lac Serreire in April next year!

Lac Serreire was not fished again during the last week due to a cancellation. There are six anglers on now from Belgium."

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