Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - 6 - 13 September

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 15-09-2014

Big carp have been caught at both Badger's Holt and Lac Serreire this week... as bookings for 2015 are coming in fast we recommend not to wait too long to place your bookings for next year. Simon writes us the following:

Carp fishing in France at Lac Serreire & Badger's Holt!

"Lac Serreire fished well for Johan, Ivan, Patrick & Stefan from Belgium with 47 carp landed during the week. Patrick fished Tim & Mary’s swim and had 8 fish including mirrors of 26.95kg (59lb 5oz), 23.55kg (51lb 13oz) & 21.9kg (48lb 3oz) in a just few hours during the last night. The rest of Patrick’s fish during the week included a lovely 21.25kg (46lb 12oz) mirror and 4 good 30s. The 26.95kg fish was a PB for Patrick. It looks like the 59lb mirror will be a new 60 for Lac Serreire in the next few months as it has gained about 5 pounds since the start of this season. This very long fish has a massive frame and will be one to watch over the next years. In the Island swim, Stefan landed 17 carp to 20.8kg (45lb 12oz) fishing a variety of spots around the island, over to the lily pads and out in open water. Over in the Shallows swim, Ivan also had 17 fish with the biggest being a mirror of 19.1kg (42lb). Ivan did a great job only losing 1 fish all week which is good going for this tricky swim. In the Middle swim, Johan had 5 mirrors to 19.4kg (42lb 11oz) fishing mainly at long range towards the middle of the lake. Thanks for the great BBQ guys – Much appreciated!

Badgers Holt was not fished all week due to the anglers having car problems. Ben Jenkins and his father from the UK were luckily booked on for two weeks. They finally arrived on Friday and had a great result with 4 big fish in the first 24 hours and a couple lost due to hook-pulls. The fish so far were 40lb (18kg), 40lb (18kg), 42lb (19kg) & 52lb (23kg). It looks like it should be a good week ahead and it is great to see Ben working non-stop, studying the water day and night, priming spots and applying the bait perfectly. The successful bait is again a high nutritional value frozen ‘food’ boilie fished over 16mm Coppens Carpco Select pellets. It is interesting to see time and time again that the fish have such a preference for these ‘food’ based boilies. Full details of the Badgers session will be in next weekend’s catch report."

Carp fishing in France at Lac Serreire & Badger's Holt!

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