Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - 27 September - 4 October 2014

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 06-10-2014

A week with great catches and big carp on the bank again as Simon reports:

Carp in France - The Carp Specialist - Badgers Holt & Lac Serreire!

"Badgers Holt was fished by Manfred and Georg Zisler from Germany for the second week of their two week session. They caught a total of 8 fish; Mirrors of 18kg (40lb), 23kg (50lb 10oz), 22kg (48lb 6oz), 25.6kg (56lb 5oz), 20.6kg (45lb 5oz), 22.8kg (50lb 3oz) & 19.6kg (43lb 2oz) and a 30kg (66lb) catfish. The fish were caught on a variety of methods and in different areas. The carp were extremely active almost every day with a lot of fizzing and showing. There still seems to be a lot of natural food available to them. However the water temperature is slowing dropping so the naturals should reduce over the next weeks. Looking forward to seeing you next year Manfred and Georg!

On Lac Serreire, Dave, Mark, Terry and Tony from the UK had approximately 9 carp to 41lb (18.6kg). The fishing was tricky with the fish mainly showing at long range in the centre area of the lake. Also looking forward to seeing you again in 2015! On Lac Serreire, the lads who started yesterday had a great start with 6 fish hooked and 5 landed in their first night including a PB. The largest fish so far was a 22kg (48lb) mirror. Full details to follow in next weekend's catch report."

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