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Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - 18 October - 1 November 2014

A catch report of 2 weeks in a row this time, due to our own carp fishing holiday at Bin el Ouidane from last week. Simon reports us the following catches from Badgers Holt & Lac Serreire:
18-25 October
Tim Paisley & friends had a very enjoyable week on Lac Serreire. Approximately 30 carp were caught with the best fish coming to Alan Taylor's rods with a stunning 46lb (21kg) common from the Island swim. Top swim was The Shallows with Steve Guy landing 16 fish to 42lb 8oz (19.3kg). Nicely done Steve!!
On Badgers Holt, Keith Williams and Tony had a good result with a common of 62lb 1oz (28.2kg) and mirrors of 54lb 8oz (24.8kg), 50lb 14oz (23.1kg), 46lb 12oz (21.3kg), 46lb (21kg), 40lb 2oz (18.2kg) & 32lb 4oz (14.7kg). The fish were caught in a variety of spots and often after the rods were left in for long periods of time. The fish were very active with a lot of showing and fizzing most of the week.

 Nice fishing guys and look forward to seeing you all again!
This week has started really well with 3 fish out of Lac Serreire last night to 45lb (20.5kg) and a stunning 50lb (22.7kg) mirror out of Badgers Holt this morning. Full details to follow in next weekend's catch report.
25 October - 1 November
Lac Serreire produced around 25 carp with Trendy Trevor from the UK landing the biggest fish, a mirror of 45lb (20.5kg) from the Double swim. Trevor did well landing a number of fish from very close in the margins between the bank and the lily pads using Nutrabaits Trigga boilies.

Over in the Shallows swim Fabian and Anja from Germany had a good week landing 11 out of 12 takes. Fabian did a great job finding the best spots at long range close to the far bank and consistently fishing them throughout the week. 

There was a 44lb (20kg) mirror from the Birches swim, a 40lb (18,2kg) mirror from the Outflow swim and a number of other fish from the Island and Woods swims.
Up on Badgers Holt, Carl's group from the UK had a hard week but landed a lovely 50lb mirror early in their session.

The weather was not ideal with high pressure, clear skies and cold nights. The water temperature has rapidly dropped to around 12 Celsius over the last few days so we would recommend thinking about cold water baits and tactics for the remaining weeks of the season. In particular, pellets will become less effective and only low oil content pellets should be used. Cold water boilies with lower oil/fat content and an emulsifier added will become more effective. Please contact us for more information if required. 

Some low pressure weather is moving in this week, so conditions should improve over the next days.
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