Weekly catch report of Badger’s Holt & Lac Serreire - 13 - 20 September

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 26-09-2014

A great week for the anglers on both Badger's Holt and Lac Serreire with fifties being caught from both lakes:

Carp fishing in France with The Carp Specialist

"Lac Serreire was fished by three groups; Chris Swillen and his group caught 10 fish from Tim & Mary's and the Island swims including two 50s in one night with fish of 25.2kg (55lb 7oz) and 23kg (50lb 10oz) within a few hours of each other. These were two PBs! Most of the fish were caught at long range in open water over a spread of boilies and pellets.

Over on the Outflow swim Markus Steis from Germany landed 6 carp to 21kg (46lb 3oz) from the lily pads at close range. The 21kg fish was another PB! The fish were caught on a mixture of boilies, pellets and maize.

In the Shallows swim Richard Vossebelt and his friend from The Netherlands landed 12 carp to 15kg (33lb) fishing mainly at long range using boilies.

Over on Badgers Holt, Ben and Alan Jenkins landed 11 carp; 2 x 50s, 7 x 40s and 2 x upper 30s. The best fish were mirrors of 54lb (24.5kg) and 52lb (23.6kg). A few fish were also lost due to hook-pulls. After car problems spoilt their first week of a planned two week session, it was great to see plenty of big fish landed including a PB for Alan. The fish were all caught on BaitWorks frozen boilies and mainly over mixed Coppens carp pellets and boilies. The fish were extremely active with rolling and fizzing, but definitely required a lot of thinking to get things just right to hook them (Ben nearly pulled all his hair out a couple of times!)!! Nice result guys!!

Latest news from Lac Serreire - The lads on this week had a 43lb mirror from the Shallows swim very soon after getting set up yesterday!! Nice way to start the week... More info in next week's catch report."

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