The wonderful world of Windmill Lake

It is early when the alarm sounds, it takes a while before I realize I am going on a holiday. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee I send my last e-mails. Susanne, my girlfriend, is packing the last-minute stuff such as food and some clothes. This time I wasn't able to do a proper preparation. Trust is the most important ingredient in your fishery. My buddy Koen van Goor provided, thru his sponsor Rhinobaits, a perfect boilie. As long as your bait is okay (and it is!)...
Exactly 10 o'clock we cross the East border, only 850km to go. After a good journey we enter the domain of Anton and Diane. The windmill proudly rises in all of natures force. The dogs give us a friendly welcome and even so does the owners and the group of anglers who fished here last week. Our first impression is really fantastic, what a hospitality. Enjoying a nice cold beer and a lovely freshly-baked lasagna, we watch the wild adventures of the leaving group of anglers.
The first night we settle our bivvies on the dike, after all, it's still Friday. I wake up in the middle of the night and for a moment, I thought I ended up in a bad SF-movie, what is that light? The group of anglers agreed to flash with lights when they have fish. After this nightly disturbance the sun friendly wakes us. With a freshly-baked bread, Anton is our company while we take an explorer trip around the lake.
Providing us with some practical advice we enter our swims (peg 1 and 2). After some conversations with the anglers on the other side of the lake, Anton gives us permission to use a boat. Usually these boats are only used when a fish gets tangled up. Half a day later, but with loads of information due to some careful prodding and measuring, our first baits are dropped. At dusk the first bite is a fact. A nice common for Koen is the first fish on our mat. This seems okay!
In spite of this good start, the rest of the night remains very quiet. In the morning a friendly voice wakes us, it is the voice of Diane and we are pleasantly surprised by the smell of freshly-baked bread with ham and cheese. We feel like a king and we are facing a whole week fishing. That night we catch four fish; one hell of a grass carp, a common and two mirror carp. All fish were the same size as our first one.
Today it is Monday, May 14th, the working week has been started and we know that because of the e-mails we receive. Wonderful: WIFI at Windmill Lake! I can't complain, I can't call it work when your passion is your profession. Okay, the food we brought from home is running out and it's time to visit the French Supermarché.
Impulsive as we are, we cannot ignore the seduction of the barbecues and all the nice food we see. Fully stocked we leave the store, back on our way to Windmill Lake. That evening we throw a little party, we have enough reasons to do so. The first and most important is because we are on a holiday. After a nice diner with some Kronenbourg beers and a lovely French wine we take a little nap.
That night one single beep on the most right bitealarm wakes me up. It takes a little moment before I realize we are in France. I notice a big temperature drop down, at least 10°C. Having the thought of some really big fish I fall asleep again. One hour later, I have got a curved rod in my hand, it is my right hand rod. After a couple of seconds there is no resistance at all. It is too bad but all part of the game. In the morning we feel a bit depressed, that night we had two more pullers. On top of that, temperature has dropped pretty bad and normally this has a big impact on shallow water like Windmill Lake.
Luckily the weather damage is zero. In the afternoon the sun warms up the water very good and at the hottest moment of the day I get a bite, resulting in a beautiful tench. The day passes and while we row out the lines, the coals on the barbecue are burning. After a little adjustment in the system, we manage to catch every bite we get that night. We caught two mirror carp and a grass carp. A nice mirror of about 10kg and a well deserved big one for Koen (17,8kg).
The day starts of stormy, rain and a lot of wind. We are talking about 'De Koersk' this fish is the showpiece of the nearby stock pond. With an upstanding dorsal fin he decorates the surface. What would this water bring in the future? According the planning, the water will be emptied in November, then the treasure will be revealed. After a night without any fish, in the middle of the day we get a double take. Totally amazed by what happened several seconds later we stand side by side, both with a curved rod in our hands. After an amazing fight we have got two beautiful mirror carp on the mat. The needle remains at 21,18kg and 15,50kg Magic! Traditionally at Windmill Lake they toast at a 20kg fish, Champagne!
With a lot of trust we enter the night. Early in the morning we are woken up by a screaming optonic. A couple of minutes later we can show a beautiful mirror (15,4kg) in front of the camera.
During breakfast I catch a 12kg mirror. At the moment of writing, we are preparing for the last night. Possibly we catch another surprise. We are more than satisfied and thru this way, we would like to thank Anton and Diane and The Carp Specialist for a wonderful week! We really recommend Windmill Lake, it is a nice place to be for everybody. On top of that, this water is perfect for a week fishing with your wife or girlfriend because here is a very clean and separate ladies shower, sink and toilet. The service is absolutely perfect! We are sure we will return to Windmill Lake!
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