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Summer Succes with Mainline at Carpinsula - Mint Pool

Dutch carper, Erik Hurxkens gives a brief round-up to a memorable session fishing the beautiful CarpInsula Fishery in Belgium... With summer just around the corner, I was looking forward to a long weekend trip away starting on the 21st June - the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. What's more it had been a long time since I was last fishing in Belgium with my Father, approximately some 30 years ago, so this particular trip was well over due! When I choose to fish abroad I normally visit France, but this time a special trip to an even more special venue in Belgium was on the cards - CarpInsula; a beautiful nature lake of around 27 acres, located near the Belgian town of Holsbeek. Here was a place that Jelle the owner had somehow managed to create his dream. Jelle had transformed a completely wild and neglected complex of picturesque lakes, fens and ditches into a mecca for the fanatic carp angler and nature lover. With one goal in mind: the pursuit of perfection in balance with nature!

CarpInsula; a beautiful nature lake of around 27 acres
Upon arriving at the lake, a short tour of the complex was in order and I was really impressed by the different types on lakes on offer. Origin Pool; a crystal clear and fairly weedy lake, King Pool; the catfish lake of the complex, Belly Pool; a beautiful lake with lots of water lilies plus Mint Pool; the lake which my buddy Don and I had decided to fish. Mint Pool is only 1.5 acres in size, but when I arrived at the swim, I immediately saw endless fishing opportunists along with some great spots. Also, this lake contains some weed and as I was setting-up my brolly one fish showed itself so I was feeling confident...

Bait-wise I had decided to use 15mm High Impact Banoffee and Salty Squid boilies during my session. My reason for choosing the smaller 15mm boilie size as opposed to the 20mm version was so that I can feed a reasonable amount on a compact spot. Given the low weight, I also have the confidence that they will remain on top of the weed growth - making it easier for the carp to find in this situation. Although of course, I also took some time to find the open, clean spots between the weed and in the margins.