Session report Ron, Friso, Ruud & Willy at Etang de Mont!

After their successful session at Etang de Mont, Ron, Friso, Ruud & Willy started to write and they have placed their wonderful session report at their website and of course you can find it at Carpnews!
Friday around midnight... Finally Ron & Ruud arrive, quickly we put the last little things in the car and we are on our way to Hilversum to pick up Willy, the last one of the company. Now it is really about to happen and we will hunt for the carp of Etang de Mont for a whole week. We have booked swims 1,2 and 3 with 4 people, 3 anglers and a guest.


Everything looked really good and appropriate and there were some nice frame tents. We decided to drop swim 3, this one was too remote from swim 1 and 2, this was no problem and double sociable. After this we quickly unloaded the car and after that a toast to the upcoming week. The first look at the lake gave away the position of the carp, several feeding and jumping carp were visible and because of this we started guessing how many carp we would catch this week, 20-40 carp should be possible!

Swim 1 and 2

The equipment is unpacked and the bivvies are set, the spots are divided and we have had a talk about the strategy for this week. Tigernuts, hazelnuts and corn should bring us carp. We will boat out the lines with the Zodiac and we will bait up with corn, pellets and tigernuts. At swim 1 and 2 you have to catch the fish from the old river bed, several meters from the edge of the forest and several meters from the anchorage of swim 2. The rigs are as easy as possible and provided with a tigernut and a fake corn or just corn.
The first half of the week we caught the fish with tigernuts, boilies were no option because they were eaten very soon by all the poison chat. Later that week mais was favorite. After every catch we boated out the lines again at the same spot and provided with some extra bait. We noticed that at swim 1, the fish was caught both at night as during the day. At swim 2 the fish was only caught by day. At swim 1 and 2 the fish were caught from the old river bed and from the other side, several meters from the edge of the forest. (Because we were fishing at long distance, 1 beep was enough to tell us fish was on) At swim 2 they also caught fish close to the anchorage.
Results at swim 1: 38 mirror carp 12-37lb, and at least 25 pullers.
Results at swim 2: 18 carp, 1 of them was a common, 16-34lb and about 4 pullers.
We know the anglers at swim 4 had caught 27 carp and they also caught the fish out of the river bed and from the edge of the forest. They had used hard boilies and tigernuts. The biggest fish was 31lb. Most of the fish were about 24lb!
The swims are big and you have enough space between the swims. The surrounding is beautiful and the accommodation is perfect, were else can you take a shower this close to your swim, go to the bathroom and have power supply and 3 big fridges. We think this is great! Maybe one small minor point: The shower might be a bit higher, this is nice for the taller persons amongst us.
Some of the carp we caught this week!
Greetings and on to the next trip!
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