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Session report Bianca Venema & Lizette Beunders at Vallee Lake 2!

Lovely to be able to fish for a week in La Douce France again. What a fantastic prospect. We couldn't wait until the time was there. At July 7th we finally took of to Vallee Lake 2, in West-Normandy, 30km from the coast. At arrival we couldn't believe our eyes: What a beautiful lake in a valley with views straight from a painting. We could imagine that this lake was called after her beautiful location.
After a very friendly welcome with coffee and sandwiches by Mark, the bailiff and his wife Nathalie, they showed us the central building, complete with two showers, sinks, toilets, freezer, 220V sockets to charge batteries, canteen, baitboat rental and a small tackleshop. Perfect facilities, that's always good to have!
Mark could tell us everything about the water, stock including detailed depth map with several hotspots. We picked swim 11, central at the long side of the lake, perfect for fishing 6 rods. The swims at this lake are great! Hardened with gravel for both 1 or 2 persons. The lake has a very interesting bottom gradient with different depths and for everybody something to like; obstaclefishing, weedbeddings and gravelplates. We were able to test our new baitboat 'The Navigator' from Global Fishing in corporation with Fishfinder-East set with the Lowrance Elite and GPS on this various bottom. The Lowrance Elite could perfectly locate the weedbeds on its colour screen, perfect!
Very soon during the first night we caught a beautiful 30lbs mirror carp. The fish looked perfect and it seemed this one was never caught before. This lake has a nice, young and healty stock of carp. Besides: a lot of fish in this lake are never caught before. Formerly Vallee Lake 2 was used as a stock pond. Since this year it is set open for public. For the bailiff it is every time a surprise what beautiful catches this lake will deliver. What an explorer tour!
We have seen a lot of beautiful things. Continuously a group of Silver carp was swimming in the surface, they had different colours: silver, white and orange, up to weights of 35-40kg. According to Mark these carp were never caught before. For those who is able to catch them, he offers a free week of fishing at Vallee Lake 2. Talking about a target, isn't it great? That's a nice challenge. We'd done everything we could, but there must be someone who is better in this. We challenge you and are curious about your results.
In that week there are some sturgeons and catfish caught, besides the mirrors and commons between 12 and 18 kg. Next to the young stock there is an very impressive older stock like below.
We tried different technics succesfully. From the Fox Zigrig til the whitypoolrig with an XSC Arma Point hook size 8, Fox Curve Shank Adaptor, partly stripped Coretex with Fox Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty, Snowman rig and the traditional and very effective weedrig. More information about these products you can find at the Fox website or at your local tackleshop.
All these technics are very effective. Important with fishing in weed is a longer hooklink than usual, about 2¼Oz lead in safety system, lightly attached so the lead will drop off quickly after a take and a tightened clutch, so the fish is forced upwards after the hook is set, away from the weed.
Share your experiences with us on Facebook. We are looking forward to it!
Catch 'm all,
Lizette and Bianca
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