Session report Bert van de Bergh at Lac de Villedon!

As a reward for my internship Bas gave me a week fishing in France, together with Lesley-Ann Haagen, I went to Lac de Villedon. After a pitty 900 km drive we finally arrived at this beautiful lake.

Day 1: Saturday October 20th

Safe but exhausted we arrived at Lac de Villedon. Everything went well, well done Lesley-Ann, I am proud of you! After that we had to put all our stuff onto the boats and we had to boat to the swim, our eyes were almost closed ha ha. We had to do this 3 times before everything was at our swim. Lesley closed her eyes for a couple of hours and I couldn't help it to cast some rigs in the water. Now we will have a quiet night at the anchorage and we will visit our bivvies not that late this evening. Tomorrow we will start serious and active, take the boat onto the water, search for some spots and then the real fishing can begin. I am looking forward to it!!

Day 2: Sunday October 21th

Today we started the day early by looking over the lake, except for some coypu there was nothing much to see. After that I spent some time at the water with the boat and the depth-meter to find some spots. At the end of the afternoon everything was in place and now we are watching a movie. We hope this will be a busy night, it is about time we will catch the first fish.

Day 3: Monday October 22nd

This morning the first fish was caught! Lesley-Ann was refreshing her baits and after the second rod she stopped to smoke a cigarette. 'Aren't you supposed to do your third rod?' I asked her, 'No', she said, 'I have a good feeling about that one'. And about 2 minutes later she gets a bit on that rod ha ha. With 22,3kg this is a great start we thought. Only this was the only fish. In the afternoon I thought it was time to refresh my bait and when I reeled in my rods, I found out all the bait was taken from my rigs. Nice those crayfish.... but it is for sure it wasn't the crayfish we saw yesterday in front of our cabin ha ha. Everything refreshed and I took the boat for a while to search for some new swims when Lesley closed her eyes to take a nap. I found some nice spots and I dropped some food there. Except for all the silverfish and the pike who swim through the lines we haven't had any action any more. Now we are going to play some cards and we will see what the night will bring us.

Day 4: Tuesday October 23rd

Today we haven't fished a lot. Around noon we reeled in our lines and we almost had as good surprises as yesterday. My line was stuck, so I took the boat and went to that point, together with 100 meter of nylon line of somebody else my system came to the surface. Lesley only had 5 meters of line out, the rest was gone. Another unpleasant action from the crayfish. After reeling in we took a shower and then we went to the supermarket for some groceries. We had to search for the supermarket and all of a sudden there were 3 huge supermarkets next to each other. They would do a better job if they spread this out over the region... After shopping we had to fill up the tank of the car but the filling station was closed so we wanted to continue our way back to the lake and all of a sudden an older French man walks to us to ask where we had to be. We tried to make that clear in our best French, and then it appears the man speaks English very well! This is the first French guy who we see so spontaneous ha ha. Around 5 o'clock we returned at the swim and we put our lines back in. With the new tactics we are full of faith again and we will see what the night will bring. At least there is more carp activity on the lake than the previous days. See you tomorrow on a new update.

Day 5: Wednesday October 24th

Today I have tried the zig rig to see if the fish was maybe on half water, because it was obvious they were in our area but we didn't get any bites. We didn't get any bites with the zig rig neither. We see more and more activity on our part of the lake. We came up with another new tactic and at the end of the afternoon we boated out all the lines again. When we reeled in the lines, there were no weird things. I wonder if the crayfish is left to another part of the lake because of the carp coming to this part? I hope so! We fished with the floater rod today as well, we didn't even manage to catch a roach... I am wondering if we will catch anything for the rest of the week. We are almost out of ideas so tonight we will watch Korda's Carp Tackle, Tactics & Tips Volume 5 so we can be inspired for some new ideas. We will not give up and we will continue. New rigs are at the spots and hopefully they will do the right job. Have a good night and we will see you tomorrow!

Day 6: Thursday October 25th

Today we have used a couple of rods for a new tactic, and we let the other rods at the spot where they were and we managed to catch a fish! This was a beautiful 13,3kg common carp. A beautiful fish even though this one was slightly lighter than the last one. After that we haven't had any bites any more, but we do have the feeling there will be some more fish in our nets, the next days the temperature will drop and hopefully the fish will react in a positive way to us. See you tomorrow!

Day 7: Friday October 26th

What a difference with the last days. I think the fish has found the spots. Now we are catching pretty well and all the fish are really beautiful. At the moment we have caught 8 fish. This afternoon I managed to catch a new PB too and this evening almost again!! We are doing a good job and we catch fish about every 30 minutes. We stick to this tactic ha ha. The weather might be the reason too, because the wind is fully blowing towards our swim and every now and then a shower makes the temperature of the water drop even though this is still 13-14°C. It all doesn't matter what the reason is, we are catching fish and that is the reason why we are here! The weights so far: Lesley: 22,3kg, 6,0kg, 13,7kg, 14,0kg Bert: 13,3kg, 21,4kg, 14,8kg, 21,1kg. And We hope there will follow some other nice fish! I will see you tomorrow my dear friends!

Day 8: Saturday October 27th

Today the update is a bit late, my internet subscription ended last night ha ha but we are back in The Netherlands again! This morning we had to clean up the swim, at least, that was what we were supposed to do ha ha. At 10 o'clock we had to leave the swim, but we were still playing fish at a quarter past 9 and at a quarter to 10 again! Ha ha. These fish were respectively 11,5 and 16,8kg. In the end we managed to catch 10 fish, 3 of them were 20kg+. We don't have any complaints!
By this way we would like to thank Bas van Klaveren for the arrangements, thank you for this beautiful reward for my work experience! And off course I would like to thank Lesley-Ann for this wonderful superb week we have had!!
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