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RTV Hengelsport had a freezing monstersession at Graviere de la Traque!

RTV Hengelsport had a freezing monstersession at Graviere de la Traque! The guys of RTV Hengelsport aren't afraid of a little bit of coldness... The guys proofed this at their last trip to Gravière de la Traque in November. Ronald, the owner of the shop, was in Thailand several weeks ago for a challenging fish adventure and he took the possibility to end his carp season in style!
The 6 anglers counting team managed to catch exactly 40 fish in a week at Gravière de la Traque, with an incredible high average! What about 4 10kg+, 33 15kg+ and 3 20kg+?
During this week, KGB Tutti 'n Tuna was by far the most popular bait, next to that, a single tigernut or a two pieces of corn worked out very well for the guys.
By using the boat as less as possible and bait up rarely, they knew to keep the fish feeding in spite of the low temperature of the water. In an ultimate attempt to catch a real big one, the guys have baited the water a bit wider using the boat. This wasn't a success (probably) because of the disruption of the water, the fish became very passive that day and a day long they haven't had a single bite. Rest and subtle fishing seemed to be the key to success!
The outstanding stock and the same facilities at the lake made the water very popular amongst English anglers... for 2012, the water is already fully booked for weeks. Unfortunate, but understandable! The peninsula of Gravière de la Traque is perfect for a group of maximum 7 anglers to have a lovely week.
We expect the agenda for 2012 to open in June 2012, if you are interested to fish this lake that year... we recommend to let us know already via our contactsheet. We are happy to help you!
In name of The Carp Specialist we would like to congratulate Ronald van der Toorn and the rest of the guys of RTV Hengelsport with their great catches. Our compliments!
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