Report of our carp-fishing holiday at Etang de Mont!

Report of our carp trip to Etang de Mont! Tonight will be the night: we leave with a group of 10 anglers for a week towards our new destination Etang de Mont! We have hired the entire lake for this week, and we will fish the 9 swims with 5 couples:
  • Hans & Martin
  • Jasper & Kevin
  • Alex & Ramon
  • Wesley & Bas
  • Dennis & Bas
Just like you are used of us we will do a daily report about our session, that is... if the internet-connection will not give up on us! Because we are in France, we are hardly available by phone and we ask for you understanding if the reaction on your e-mail is a little late. From October 22nd we will work our asses off again, but now we will relax on our fishing holiday to charge our batteries for a busy winter season with markets and nettings!
See you on the next update and for the other anglers who will travel to France this week: have a good journey and an even better catch!

Update Saturday evening – Carpfishing holiday at Etang de Mont

What a lovely day! Naked upper bodies and shorts. And all of that halfway October! The day was quiet considering the catches. Kevin & Hans both had a puller, Martin caught one, Bas van Oort caught one, and I was the lucky one who caught 2 fish. A lot of low 20lb fish so it is praying for some bigger fish. We notice that the fish both by night as well as during the day can be caught, and almost all of them caught from the other side of the lake, only a couple were caught on open water. The upcoming days this could change due to the predicted change of the weather, we will see! Below some pictures of our session so far and see you on the next update!

Update Monday afternoon – Carpfishing holiday at Etang de Mont

The second night is over, and it was a good night at the swims. There was fish on every swim, and swim 1, the deep swim of Wesley & Bas was absolutely perfect. Second place were Dennis & Bas with 5 fish (also a 19kg mirror), Kevin & Jasper had an 8kg and a 10kg fish, Hans & Martin had a fish of about 10kg and Alex & Ramon had a nice 14kg fish. That was a fine night. Especially when you compare this to our French neighbours at swim 8 & 9, they have caught only 1 fish in 2 nights fishing.
In the morning we went shopping for some groceries and Jasper managed to catch a 12,5kg fish on swim 5. We notice that most of the fish comes from the other side of the lake, except for swim 1 and 3, they catch most of their fish from the old river bedding and the open water. For bait, tigernuts are by far favourite. Because of the warmth, during the day it is still 20°C, the small catfish are still very active and this makes using boilies a problem. We use them now broken and crushed as adding to the tigernuts as extra attraction.
Below again some pictures and see you on the next update!

Update after our return home

Unfortunately since Monday we had an internet error in France and we couldn't keep you up anymore. :( This is too bad, because the catches were great and we really enjoyed our holiday. At Etang de Mont we managed to catch about 120 carp, the biggest one was 19,5kg. In total we had 9 15kg+ fish, both common as mirror carp and a beautiful grass carp of 18kg!
This week you will find a selection of our pictures online!

Report Hans ter Haar

Eventually I decided to join the end-trip of The Carp Specialist to Etang de Mont from 16-22 October: We leave with 10 guys, divided in 5 teams; Hans & Martin, Jasper & Kevin, Alex & Ramon, Wesley & Bas, Dennis & Bas.
The weekend before I visit Sander van Kooten who left his former employer and started a business on his own, and this way I managed to add the last missing end tackle to my collection. Due to a business trip to the UK I decide to order my tigers and boilies at Hans Heijkoop of Grain Baits, in stead of prepare them myself. The 25kg tigers and hemp stay home for next year.
I pack my car on Friday and around 9 o'clock in the evening we have to join Martin's equipment too. We watch some television and go to sleep. Around 2 o'clock at night we drive to Hazeldonk. Fill up the car with fuel, have a cup of coffee and off we go! The journey went well and around half past eleven we arrive at the domain. It is a beautiful water, well taken care of, at every swim there is a 2man bivvy with beds, chairs and tables. Every swim also has a platform, this is very useful when you use a boat. Personally, I think swim 9 is the most beautiful swim, this is the island swim, but this time of year it isn't the best swim. In October you should fish in deeper water, but unfortunately this isn't always possible. While picking straws, we pick swim 6, somewhere on the middle of the lake, swim 1 is the deepest swim and this will be proven.
We have some nice weather (sun and 22°C) and it will be like this for the next couple of days. After the straw-picking we go to our swim and unpack all of our stuff, we place the markers and the first bait is dropped into the water. We have planned to go to sleep early because of the exhausting day, but in the middle of the night it's time for some action and Martin catches his first fish, under 10kg. On the other swims the guys are catching as well. The nights are clear and cold, but when around 10.30h the sun starts to shine we all walk in shorts and without T-shirts.
During the day there are no catches and everybody has got something to do. Kevin (aka The Swedish Cook) has put a large pan on the fire and he is ready to prepare 10kg fresh particles for his friends. I have some time to sort out all of my equipment. The next day I make some rigs and the third day I wash the car. 3 bites, 2 fish caught. Like expected, at the deeper part of the lake the guys are catching well. They already caught dozens of fish. Even Kevin & Jasper are catching well, but on swim 5 they have made a dam of food and the fish can't cross this any more; we have had 3 bites and 2 fish, our neighbours Alex & Ramon and the French guys only 1. Considering the bad weather forecast I start to doubt.
Bas arranges that Martin, Ales and Ramon can fish Domaine de Bouxier, a 50 acres virginal lake only a 10 minute drive away. The French who fish there, still catch at casting single hookbaits. They manage to catch with the 3 of them, 16 carp in 2 nights. I join Bas & Dennis and this way I manage to catch some fish between 7 and 12kg, and in the evening we enjoyed Dennis' BBQ skills. I have never eaten such a lovely meat during a fishing trip. There is a cat (Maincoon) who joins us every evening. When the bailiff tells us this cat isn't his, and the hunters will probably shoot her at the end of the season, Bas takes her home for me and she ends up in Tricht with Yedi & Yodi, they need to get used to her. She doesn't care and immediately lays down on the sofa like a little princess.
About a hundred fish later at Etang de Mont it is Thursday, cold, foggy and 3°C. Bas is gone to have a look at a new lake and Dennis and I return to our sleeping bags after breakfast, it is really freezing cold. When Martin calls and says he has had it and he wants to return to Etang de Mont, we decide to return this evening. When Bas returns he has a smile on his face, he can add another new water. We reel the lines in and have a look at Windmill Lake, about an half hour drive.
The bailiffs of this water are Diana & Toon, it is almost 8 acres big and there are approximately 120 carp in, the average weight is 12,5kg and a couple of big fish of over 40lb. Yes, this is a water what I would like to try sometime. The hostess let us taste some of her home made food, we say goodbye and we return to Etang de Mont.
When we arrive there we say goodbye to the group and we return to The Netherlands. Martin and I drive by turns, and after a couple of stops and a safe journey we are back at the Lingedijk. A couple of minutes past 4 o'clock (at night) Martin and his gear are picked up by his mother. Tired but satisfied, after a whiskey and a cuddle of my roommates, I go to bed, nest to Jeanette. For a split second the feeling was gone, the question if it is all worth it, spending hours on the banks of a lake, waiting for something or someone who you don't know?.. April/May 2012 Windmill Lake?
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