The carpfishing venue; Livardière, scores a 9 out of 10 at BTW Revealed!

Submitted by Mark on 05-02-2019

In this edition of BTW Revealed, The article of Thimon Dokter. He went for an independent review to over carp fishing venue, Etang de la Livardière. His expectations are high, but is it possible for Thimon to achieve the result he is hoping for?  You read it in this article. Thimon left the 24th of September to fish at Etang de la Livardiére, near the big city Le Mans. The lake is surrounded by beautiful surroundings and against a 1000-acre…

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Timmy’s Lake scores an 8 out of 10 at BTW Revealed!

Submitted by Mark on 29-01-2019

Intro by The Carp Specialist: "The Belgium estate De Karperhoeve in Oosterlo has a rich history... where once was a 'haunted' swamp, you can now find a beautiful estate for the carp angler. In the middle of the 20th century, the swamp was dug to create several lakes. At one of these lakes, a house including restaurant was built on poles, a great place to overlook the estate. After decades of private use and exploitation of the restaurant, the property…

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Do we see you at the Brentwood Carp Show 2019 this weekend?

Submitted by Mark on 23-01-2019

This weekend one of the biggest Carp fishing shows will make its appearance in Brentwood, the Brentwood Carp Show 2019! And the best thing about this is that we are there with our stand So if you're interested in booking a trip, or already booked your carp fishing holiday, don't hesitate and stop by for a cup of coffee. Besides that cup of coffee, we give away 2 midweeks of carp fishing at De Karperhoeve - Timmy's Lake for…

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Watch here the full video of Le Grand Etang!

Submitted by Mark on 21-01-2019

Do you like videos? Watch the video of Willem at Le Grand Etang (formerly The Great Lake) Most anglers have heard of Le Grand Etang or the rumours that they were turning one of the most difficult private lakes of France into a running lake... but we can tell you that nothing of this rumours are true! 'The Queen' and all her brothers and sisters are still there. The new bailiff Lucy, the granddaughter of the owner, is taking good care of the lake…

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Early Booker Deal - High discounts at MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 18-12-2018

The Carp Specialist is very proud to be able to offer every 'early booker' a very interesting deal for the 2019 carp season! Regardless of which of our lakes you book, you will receive a discount code from our partners MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO which can be used once in the relevant webshops. Here you can order everything you want: bait at MTC or Dragon Baits, a bait boat at PK Baitboats or tough carp clothing & accessories…

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16 new carp fishing venues and many, many more!

Submitted by Mark on 17-12-2018

Dear carp fishing friends, 2019 is going to be an impressive year for us and of course... even better for you! We are giving you a short introduction but more great news will follow soon by mail. Do you want to be the first one to get notified about our new venues, latest news or tips and tricks? Sign up here for the newsletter! New Venues We can not tell everything "yet" but with 16 new lakes in 3 different countries, we're going to expand our carp…

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Great news from Iktus Ruffaud: A 70.5lb mirror carp and many improvements for 2019!

Submitted by Mark on 06-12-2018

It was the first year that Iktus Ruffaud opened her doors for guests. A year like this is always exciting... Where will the fish holding up, will the fish feed on boilies, are the swims big enough and the most important one, are we going to see fish on the bank?! It was a big job during the winter of 2017/2018 to turn Iktus Ruffaud into the beautiful domain as it is right now. They build new swims and stocked up 550 carp up to 61lb. All…

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NEW RECORD at Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake!

Submitted by Mark on 26-11-2018

Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake Autumn is known as an excellent season to catch heavy carp ... the fish is at top weight and they’re feeding big time for the winter times. This year it was Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake turn to see their new record carp! In recent years we have seen the fish stock on Alberts Lake develop particularly well. From 'runswater' in 2013 to 'big fish venue' in 2018. In 2013 weeks with more than 80 carps were no exception,…

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Watch here the stunning video of Willem at Jurassik Carpe 1

Submitted by Mark on 30-07-2018

Willem and Jop! Achieved a great result at the 77 hectare Jurassik Carpe 1. In 4 days they managed to catch more than 20 carp up to 22 kg! Willem managed to make a wonderful video of his session in which he takes you to France. Jurassik Carpe 1 is the largest lake on the domain and with about 1200 fish with an average weight of 13 kg is a great destination for the experienced carp angler. Are you not afraid of some weed, the use of a boat and…

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Carp fishing lakes in France near Calais!

Submitted by Mark on 20-07-2018

The dream of every carp angler; Catching big carp in France! But where to begin? All private lakes are different and attract other types of anglers. So... where do you find a beautiful private lake for you, your friends and / or family? In this article we introduce you to 7 of our carp fishing lakes near Calais. All within a 2,5 our drive from Calais, and you find yourself at one of this beautiful venues! Domaine des Iles – Main Lake Domaine des…

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