Great news from Iktus Ruffaud: A 70.5lb mirror carp and many improvements for 2019!

Submitted by Mark on 06-12-2018

It was the first year that Iktus Ruffaud opened her doors for guests. A year like this is always exciting... Where will the fish holding up, will the fish feed on boilies, are the swims big enough and the most important one, are we going to see fish on the bank?! It was a big job during the winter of 2017/2018 to turn Iktus Ruffaud into the beautiful domain as it is right now. They build new swims and stocked up 550 carp up to 61lb. All…

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NEW RECORD at Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake!

Submitted by Mark on 26-11-2018

Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake Autumn is known as an excellent season to catch heavy carp ... the fish is at top weight and they’re feeding big time for the winter times. This year it was Lac de Viennay - Alberts Lake turn to see their new record carp! In recent years we have seen the fish stock on Alberts Lake develop particularly well. From 'runswater' in 2013 to 'big fish venue' in 2018. In 2013 weeks with more than 80 carps were no exception,…

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Watch here the stunning video of Willem at Jurassik Carpe 1

Submitted by Mark on 30-07-2018

Willem and Jop! Achieved a great result at the 77 hectare Jurassik Carpe 1. In 4 days they managed to catch more than 20 carp up to 22 kg! Willem managed to make a wonderful video of his session in which he takes you to France. Jurassik Carpe 1 is the largest lake on the domain and with about 1200 fish with an average weight of 13 kg is a great destination for the experienced carp angler. Are you not afraid of some weed, the use of a boat and…

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Carp fishing lakes in France near Calais!

Submitted by Mark on 20-07-2018

The dream of every carp angler; Catching big carp in France! But where to begin? All private lakes are different and attract other types of anglers. So... where do you find a beautiful private lake for you, your friends and / or family? In this article we introduce you to 7 of our carp fishing lakes near Calais. All within a 2,5 our drive from Calais, and you find yourself at one of this beautiful venues! Domaine des Iles – Main Lake Domaine des…

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Check out our video at De Karperhoeve!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 19-04-2018

Fancy fishing a challenging lake in Belgium? Then take a look at this lovely video from Dutch cameraman Willem Kwinten and his friends shot at De Karperhoeve. English subtitled and spoken... and very useful tips & tricks! Sit back and relax Click on the image to watch the video!

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News: Winter update from Alberts and Busters Lake!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 11-03-2018

This winter was a really wet winter in France. With all this rain it was hard for our owners to schedule all their work. Last week I spoke with our bailiff Gerard, he was really busy with preparing the lake for this season and wrote us the following update on Lac de Viennay: Alberts Lake & Busters Lake.   Hi Mark, This winter as usual has been a general up keep of both lakes although the weather conditions have been difficult to…

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Discount on Windmill Lake? And… see the pictures here of the vidange!

Submitted by Mark on 20-02-2018

In December 2017 Windmill Lake emptied their lake to do some work inside the lake. Cutting back all snags, reduced the mud, removed all crayfish and the shallow parts of the lake have been dug out so the fish can easily visit all zones. The stockpond was their home for 2 months. Today it was the day to set them free in their old habitat. They counted all carp and ended with the following score:  An average weight just over…

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Rent a luxury Bait Boat for your carp fishing holiday at Estate Lake!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 14-02-2018

The owners of the private lake Estate Lake have a small pressent for next season! They managed to upgrade their services for the guests of 2018 and bought a new Nanotec Pro including Vexilar Sonarsystem.  It's possible to rent this new baitboat during your stay at Estate Lake for €100,- a week Interested in renting the baitboat? Please let us know by email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email…

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The beautiful video of Stefan Grit on Domaine de Bouxier!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 26-01-2018

Last summer Stefan Grit visited our lake Domaine de Bouxier. He made this beautiful video during his week. Sit back and relax Domaine de Bouxier is a perfect lake for anglers who whant you nice 2 angler swims, a perfect jetty to fish from and enough anglingspace. Click on the video below to watch his video!

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The 103 new carp of Jurassik Carpe 1!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 16-01-2018

Jurassik Carpe 1; beautiful surroundings, a 170 acre lake, carp up to 70lb and only a 2,5 hour drive from Calais. The perfect carpfishing venue for the expirienced carp anglers. And with that being sad, the owner just ‘stocked up’ the lake with 103 new beautiful carp! The owner, Guillaume, contacted us last week to announce that the expansion went perfectly. 103 common- and mirrorcarp with a weight of  26 to 50lb are added to the current…

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