One week at Etang de la Livardière together with the MAD Carp Team!

Lovely! The van is packed, we have got the boilies, rigs are made and new line on the spools: Etang de la Livardière, here we come!
Tonight Bas & Joost from The Carp Specialist will leave for France together with the (almost) entire MAD Carp Team to stay at the water for a week. Off course we are hunting for carp, but we are also here to test the new MAD material which will be in stores in 2012. Product development and field testing: that is how you bring quality stuff!

The movie: MAD Carp & The Carp Specialist at Etang de la Livardière!

If everything is the way it should be, we have an internet connection at the lake, this way we will keep you up to date daily!

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Saturday May 28th

The first day is over! We arrived after a good journey Saturday morning at Etang de la Livardière. Marcel and René arrived yesterday evening already. After walking a lap around the lake and have a little chat with the anglers who are here, we pick our swims and we get it all started! Joost, Martin and I will fish the big peninsula, Remco picks swim 13, Rob swim 11, Marcel swim 8 and René swim 7.
Five o'clock all our rods are in: immediate action! And how: after an exciting fight I can put the net under a bullet round fish. At the moment the fish slides over the cord of the net, I know this fish is 15kg+. With 16,5kg, this is a good start of the session. That one is in!
The bites start to come right after the first one also at Martin and Joost. Until late at night the three of us are very busy fighting, landing, taking pictures and putting out the lines. In total we managed that Saturday evening to catch 8 carp, 1 of them was under 20lb and 1 above 30lb for Martin. The rest of the fish are all beautiful 20-30lb fish, and we notice the variety in figure of the fish. They are both long and short, as well as fat, slim, few scales and lovely scaled: every possibility is there!
During the night, there are no bites at the spots of Joost and Martin, they catch only one fish. At my spot there is more fish. I am exhausted of the drive and mechanically I manage to catch 4 nice mirror carp. They are all 20lb+ and very strong. I enjoy it, but the tiredness is stronger. Tommorow another day right?
As far as I have heard, René also caught a 26lb fish, I am curious to the others. It is fun here at Etang de la Livardière, both fishing as the breathtaking nature and not to forget, the sociability of course!

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Sunday May 29th

The French take the name Sunday very literally , what a weather, sun high in the sky and temperatures rising to the 25°C. After the required rest of Saturday night, we can make up the balance: everybody had some action! Only Marcel, fishing from swim 8, had a puller, the rest of us all caught fish. Rob caught in the shallow corner behind the isles a beautiful and very strong 30lb+, the third one of this session! Remco also catches his first couple of fish from swim 13. The wind is blowing powerful and straight into his swim, he decides not to fish this spot during the day to give the fish some trust in this area.
Marcel decides to move from swim 8 to swim 14. In front of swim 8 there are some weed beds, and this is the reason why he lost that fish yesterday, this is reason enough to move to the cleaner (and deeper) swim 14. Here you can find, at the moment, deep holes and ditches up to 2,5 meters. His buddy René remains at the little peninsula, and he catches a sturgeon in the morning at the small lake. At our swim (Joost, Martin and Bas) it is a bit more quiet than yesterday, probably because of the heat. Still we manage to catch from 9 o'clock in the morning until bedtime, 11:30h at night 9 fish: most of them from the spots of Martin & Joost. My swim 15 will come to live later, but also on this swim, again 2 fish.
The weights weren't bad again, we only had 4 fish under 20lb, 12 fish were between 20-30lb and 1 30lb+ fish. This was Martin's wake up call at Monday morning. This fish is with his 19,5kg the biggest fish (until now) of this session. Really a beautiful fish! Not as big, but at least as beautiful is the 8kg (almost) fully scaled which is caught by Remco during the day. Unfortunately I haven't got a picture of it, but that will follow without a doubt later this week.
All together, it is going very well, everybody is having fun and the fish is feeding! With 4 30lb+ and an estimate 40 total, we don't have any complaints. The MAD particles are working perfect for the subtle anglers Remco & Rob and we use fully satisfied the boilies of Grainbaits & Dynamite Baits.
While writing the daily report this Monday morning, I hear 2 beeps and a slightly bend of the tip of the rod which is situated in the margins. I strike it and after a heavy fight, I manage to put the net under the biggest fish (as far as we know) of the water. Marcel, René, Joost and Martin are called to join us, and all together, we do the usual ritual of unhooking, weighing, taking pictures and release. This fish is exactly 23,2kg and this session can't fail any more! Now she was right after spawning, so she is slightly lighter as usual, without a doubt she will pass the 25kg this year, and not only heavy, she also had beautiful scale pattern. Lovely!
The last surprise of this morning was for Marcel, he caught an original mirror and this fish was 15,5kg. During the fight Marcel ended up in the water and although wet until his armpits, he managed to catch the fish. Remco had caught this fish 3 years earlier and back then, the fish was 12kg, so this is no huge growth, but steadily. Considering the length and the empty belly after spawning, this fish will add some more kilo's for the next happy catcher.
It started to rain so it is time to get the rigs in! See you at the next update!

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Monday May 30st

Today a short update and unfortunately without pictures because I forgot to bring the cable for my camera to the facilities. Tomorrow we will make it up to you regarding the pictures! Considering the catches, we don't have any complaints. After the 23,2kg, 19,5kg and 15,5kg which were photographed Monday morning by the MAD Team, the pressure is off. After the daily groceries we are searching for some weed free spots for René, Marcel moves for a couple of hours to swim 21 and Rob is successful at the shallow part in between the isles. He manages to catch 3 fish in the evening from this spot. All 3 of them were some nice 20lb+ fish. Remco gives his swim some rest during the day, but no doubt he has caught fish last night.
We enjoy the day, and next to a lot of fun we are catching pretty good, unfortunately some pullers too. We blame the use of light lead, and we search for the last heavy examples to guarantee a good set of the hook at that distance. Especially Martin's rods, which are at a distance of 180 meters, this adaptation is working perfect. No more pullers, and a perfect position of the hook in the lower lip.
In total we are well over the 40 fish, with 5 30lb+ and one 40lb+ as a bonus. We have 4 more days to go, so it can't go any better! See you at the next update and thank you all very much for the congratulations!

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Tuesday May 31st

The night between Monday and Tuesday was good for 5 fish for Joost & Martin, and I managed to catch 2 nice 20lb+ fish. Nevertheless we decide to move, we do this, because DAM Benelux-chief Erwin Adelaar and his mate Erwin Fischer arrive and as arranged, they will fish the east part of the lake. Because of this, the fishing area for Joost & Martin will decrease a little, and we decide to move to swim 8 & 9. the day is spent by moving, and I will take the train to Paris in the morning to visit a good friend.
Marcel decides to fish the small lake where he managed to catch the sturgeon earlier this week, and this time, in a couple of hours, he manages to catch 5 carp. This is a nice activity! At the big lake, Rob catches 2 nice fish in the most shallow corner of the lake. To move there with 2 rods and the boat, the disturbing of the corner is very little and he can fish at spots which are normally unreachable.
When I return at Livardière in the evening, I move my stuff to the peninsula of Joost and Martin, where Remco joins us in the morning on Wednesday. I manage to catch a nice 25lb mirror near the isles at night.

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Wednesday 1st & Thurday 2nd of June

At Wednesday morning, Remco got up early to move his stuff. A rental van is very useful. All the equipment is in no time in the van, and before noon the rods are back in at swim 7.
That morning, Erwin catches a nice 30lb+ fish at swim 21. Right across, at swim 1, on a regular base, there is a pretty big group of fish in the corner. This swim is fished by Rob, Marcel or Erwin Adelaar every day for a couple of hours. Actually everybody manages to catch some fish. This is really a swim to think of when the wind is blowing with full power towards it!
This day not a lot of action on the peninsula, but when the night falls, one of the far island rods takes off. After a nice fight, in which the fish took a lot of line, we manage to close the net around a nice 25lb fish. After that, at almost the same time, Martin and Joost caught 2 fish from the shallow corner: a mirror and a common, both between 20-30lb.
Thursday is all about a competition at the small lake. Here are a lot of small carp and a lot of sturgeons which are placed here from the big lake. With a floater rod and some groundbait we are hunting for the fish. This is a nice sport, team Joost & Martin beat Remco and me without any afford. Everybody his own specialty! With 9 sturgeons and 7 little carp a nice result, and on top of that, a nice interruption of the day. While we are hunting for the fish at the small lake, Erwin manages to catch his second 30lb+ of the session at swim 21.
We have Chinese food for dinner and after that we hurry to get the lines out at the pre-baited spots. It doesn't take long before we have some action again. Martin catches a fish which is just under 30lb, and Joost is already playing the next fish, this is going to be a fun evening!
See you at the next update!

Fishing holiday Etang de la Livardière – Friday June 3rd

Thursday night was a perfect night at the swims 7 & 8. With 8 carp up to 32lb the guys didn't had a lot of sleep. Especially the spots near the islands were very productive. Off course we thought this perfect results would continue during the day. This wasn't true tough: except for a false hooked duck (unhooking was well done by Remco) no bites at all. Luckily Marcel catches his second 30lb+ fish, a mirror, round as a bullet and 32lb.
With the last night ahead, we managed, together with the 8 headed crew of the MAD Carp Team, to catch about 110 carp at the big lake, 9 30lb+ and 1 40lb+. 2 sturgeons are removed to the small lake, which is guaranteed for some action of small carp and sturgeon! Looking back, we have had a super session. The weather was good, good company and a great result. The products are tested positive by the MAD Carp Team, the new selection for 2011-2012 is really worth to have a look at your local tackle shop!
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