News: Winter update from Alberts and Busters Lake!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 11-03-2018

This winter was a really wet winter in France. With all this rain it was hard for our owners to schedule all their work. Last week I spoke with our bailiff Gerard, he was really busy with preparing the lake for this season and wrote us the following update on Lac de Viennay: Alberts Lake & Busters Lake.


Hi Mark,

This winter as usual has been a general up keep of both lakes although the weather conditions have been difficult to contend with. Some jobs will have to wait until the ground becomes dry. I have cut back the trees and taken out fallen trees/branches after several storms that we have encountered.I ve just finished putting in Barley straw in all the lakes to combat the algae before it starts later on in the year.
Within the next 10 days the annual task of filling the holes in the road will be done.

Also the first 50lb+ fish of 2018 is a fact!

Carp Fishing in France on a Private Lake The Carp Specialist Alberts Lake

Also I've an update about the current Carp Stock:

Alberts Lake

Maximum depth of 4.5m
Amount of carp             +/- 280
Biggest common            21kg
Biggest mirror caught     28kg
Over 25kg                        x  3
20kg - 25kg                      x 16
15kg - 20kg                      x 100
 < 15kg                             x 160

Busters Lake

Maximum depth 3.4m
Amount of carp               < 250
Biggest common               18.5kg
Biggest mirror                    23.2kg
Over 25kg                    2 x catfish  30kg & 35kg
20kg - 25kg                        x 5
15kg - 20kg                        x 75
 < 15kg                               x 170

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