My session in February at Lac de Villedon!

After a busy period in February with Carp Zwolle and as a closure the Forum of Montlucon, it was time to wet the lines for the first time this year myself! Because I am already in France for the Forum, it is very easy to bring my fishing equipment too. I had never fished Lac de Villedon before, but because some members of Team ProLine recommended it, I wanted to have a look myself.
Because I am nearby at the moment, this is the perfect opportunity. The water is very shallow so it will warm up really fast. The perfect water for my regular opening session of this year! After the market I make plans for a couple of days on this beautiful 75 acre big lake. Unfortunately the ice was just a couple of days gone and I don't expect too much. The weather forecast is good though, they predict even temperatures of 15°C! If this will be true we have to see, but it gives you some hope. At arrival John and Paul give me a warm welcome with a nice cup of coffee. They advised me to take the boat, looking for some sunbathing fish, so I did.
After a boat ride of nearly 2 km towards the shallow part of the lake, there are a lot of fish enjoying the first sunlight and awake from their hibernation. They haven't been hunted for a couple of months and hopefully they fancy a boilie. In spite of having the luxury of a small but comfortable cabin, I choose to bait up several spots lightly. After the first baiting day, and a good time of sleeping, at Monday I prepare my rods. The first swim in the back soon delivers the first fish of this year. A 4kg common had taken my 15mm ProLine Wintermix Kelp-Peach boilie. Probably he couldn't resist the bright pink ProLine Squid popup.
The first night went well at a spot in the middle part of the lake, I have caught 4 fish that night and 2 of them were 30lb+ fish. In the end I managed to catch 19 fish on 5 different swims in 6 nights fishing. 6 of them were 30lb+ fish and I even managed to catch the first 40lb+ fish of this year. Normally the fish of Villedon are totally in fond of food, this time of year it is really searching for that one bite though. The best tactic seemed to be the use of a mini snowman with some crushed boilies and some ready made bird seed (ProLine Party Mix) and a small hand of boilies. After a couple of days fishing with some lovely sunshine, (yes it's true, the weather forecast was right) the first group of anglers arrives. Probably they are looking for the first fish this year as well. In my opinion I made a good start of the year with some nice fish on my mat, the battery is fully charged and I really can't wait to start back in The Netherlands as well.
Tight Lines!
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