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My husband has a wonderful hobby... carpfishing in France!

My husband has a wonderful hobby... carpfishing in France! This night we got up at 3 o'clock . Immediately I am straight next to my bed and I am looking forward to it! First we drive to St. Oedenrode to pick up Maarten. Two weeks ago we decided spontaneously to take of for a long weekend with the 3 of us. We are going carpfishing at The Great Lake. The children will spent the weekend at grandma and grandpa.
Last year I have decided to join Jos a weekend at Etang de la Livardière. I haven't had really fished before, but as a wife of a man who owns his own tackle shop, I thought the time was right to show some interest for his hobby. Addictive... I can't describe it otherwise. Never before I felt this excitement, this kick.
And now we took of. At three o'clock at night we are on our way to France. The picking of the swims takes place at noon. Before that, we want to have a look at all the swims. Soon it is obvious where we want to fish. We have to wait for a couple of long hours. Just before noon the owner arrives. Soon it is clear we can work it out with all the other anglers. We are very happy with our swim. We've seen fish jumping and the wind is blowing in the right direction. We were cheering too soon. There is another couple who wants this swim and it seems like we have to raffle for the swim but they decide to take the last swim. Finally we can start at half past twelve. We put up the bivvies and settle everything else at the swim. Jos and Maarten are looking for the right spots. They talk about a lot of different theories. And all I can think is:”Cast out those rods, because this way you will not catch anything for sure”. But this isn't the way it should be. I understand that, but all I want is to catch a beautiful fully scaled carp. Yes, with my rod. For the first time I use my own rod. Jos and I have practised together and it all has to happen today.
Jos and Maarten both boat out one rod. My rod is already in, when we see a big carp jump right in front of us. Because I have to wait, I decide to take a spinning rod and fish for pike for a while. At one of the first casts I have a small pike. I recognize the feeling straight away from last year. But this is nothing, I really hope it will happen today. I will catch my first carp.
It started raining. Still Jos and Maarten decide to boat out the rest of their rods. According to the forecast it will not stop raining before tomorrow afternoon. Every rod has a different system. Jos tells me which bait we use. It is still raining. Up to now nothing much happens. We look up our bivvies. It is about 7 o'clock when it stops raining. We prepare dinner and take a look around. In the corner at our left we see several carp jumping. I want to move my rod, but Jos has a lot of faith in the chosen spots, rigs and baits. I trust him and later he proofs to be right...
We go to sleep around 10 o'clock. When we are in for a couple of hours, it seems we get a bite. Jos pulls on his boots and with the same speed I have already opened the bivvy. I can feel the adrenaline rushing trough my body and I can see Jos has got the same feeling. What a beautiful thing... something is happening and I really enjoy it. It appears to be a false bite and a bit disappointed we went back to our bivvy. But then it happens. Around half past 4. The sound of the bitealarms is breaking the silence of the night. Within a couple of seconds Jos has reached his rod. I am next to him with the same speed. I don't take the time to put on some warm clothes. This must be the moment. This is the moment we were all waiting for. “This is why we went to France”, Jos tells me. “This is the first one”, Jos said. “Maarten get out of your bivvy, we have to get in the boat”. Within seconds Maarten is next to us. Jos and Maarten get in the boat... entering the dark night on their way to, what appears to be, one of the most beautiful fish he has ever caught.
Because of the huge amount of weed in the water Jos and Maarten enter the water with the boat. After an exciting fight of several minutes they succeed to get the fish out of the weed. Soon, this appears to be a beautiful Great Lake mirror carp. The pattern of the scales is really out of the ordinary, this is what this water is famous about. A deep sigh of happiness follows. I can hear a yell of happiness over the water. Not too much later there is a beautiful mirror carp on the unhookingmat. This is why we do this, I can hear Jos say.
That night we had 2 more bites, but they were too short to do something. The fish here are really good in avoiding getting hooked. This morning I remained in bed a little longer. I have listened to all the theories Jos and Maarten have talked about. My wish comes true. We replace my rod to the corner. I feel it is going to happen today.
This afternoon the guys have inspected their systems and the had another look at some new spots. I took a lap around the lake to hear what has happened at the other swims last night. Nothing much happened last night. We can still see fish jump in the corner. Now closer by and at only 50cm of water. Jos and Maarten see another fish jump. They seem to leave the corner. Right away they start with a new offensive. Maarten brings forward to close the corner and to use the baitboat to force the fish back in the corner. They think and see what will happen. Jos is going to have a look a bit further to check if he can see something. Another big carp jumps in the corner. We decide to move with my rod to the other side of the corner tomorrow. I can't wait to see what will happen. 5.30h, I can hear Maarten call Jos:”Jos, get in the boat!”. Maarten was watching his rods for a while when he saw the tip of his rod bending. He walked to his rod and at that moment his bitealarm produces sound. Together with Jos Maarten is boating straight forward to the water. Immediately Maarten can feel the fish is stuck in the weed. With a lot of tension they boat to the spot. Maarten tries to give some more pressure on the line with the hope the fish will free itself from the weed. Maarten can see a piece of weed at his line, Jos removes it. They manage to get the fish free from the weed. This fish is getting to the surface. A beautiful mirror carp. At that moment I can hear somebody curse and Maarten almost hits an hole in the boat... a beautiful mirror carp, there he goes. Disappointed Maarten and Jos return to the swim.
When I am still asleep Jos decides to have a look at the other side of the corner. Right there where I want my rod for the last 2 days. I don't have any knowledge about carpfishing, so I surrender to Jos his theories. They have worked, so why should we change. But the last 2 days it is pretty calm at our spots and we see a lot of carp jump in the corner. The fish remains in the corner, because there is no line pressure and the sun started to shine. The fish is sun bathing at 50cm water. Because the water is so clear and the presence of natural food it is really hard to get a bite at the shallow part. When Jos returns he is resolute. “I reel in 3 rods. We put them in the back of the corner”. We hope they will feed at night in the slightly deeper ditch at the end of the shallow plate. I am happy, who knows, this might work. There is plenty of activity.
In the meanwhile I bake an egg for the guys. This is fun. The rest, the silence. Suddenly all that adrenaline in your body and then again the rest. A guy is at its most beautiful when he is at the banks of a water. The rest of the afternoon Jos is busy to get his lines out again. In the beginning of the evening I walk to the other side of the corner to see if there is any activity. It is quiet. Some guys from other swims come to have a look. Until now, we are the only ones who have caught any fish. For the rest there is nothing caught.
The guys tells us an exciting story about another couple which had a fight at their swim. I don't understand that. There can be nothing more relaxing than go out fishing for a week together. I try to learn every day and during the week I understand that I don't want to try to catch a fish at this moment. At the moment it is really difficult and I don't want to be the cause of failure. So at the site we decide to visit an easy water soon, so I can practise a lot. I am really looking forward to it already. I can enjoy everything, even the way the guys are talking about their strategy. Looking at the lake for hours and to see that huge amount of adrenaline when they have a bite. Fantastic...
The rest of the night remained without any bites. Satisfied we return home with the most beautiful fish Jos has ever caught. This is my opinion... Not the many is good, but the good is many!
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