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May 26th - June 2nd 2012: Session report Hans and Michel at Etang de la Botte!

This morning we got, next to a big (digital) pile of pictures, also a nice session report from Hans van Knotsenburg and Michel de Haan. Hans & Michel fished a session at Etang de la Botte last May, they shared their experience with us:
“We have had a tremendous week at Etang de la Botte. In total we have caught 40 carp, the biggest was a 44,8lb common. The biggest mirror carp was 36,8lb (unfortunately a bad picture), For the rest a lot of high 30's en 20's. The key to succes was feeding particles in combination with hemp, fishmeal pellets, trouvit pellets and our homemade Monstercrab en Squid & Octopus boilies. By the time we reduced the amount of particles we had less takes, when we started feeding the particles again, the bites came back.”
Hans & Michel, compliments from The Carp Specialist for your good angling and thank you for taking the opportunity to share your experience with us! In the picturegalery of Etang de la Botte you will find the other pictures the gentlemen made during their trip.
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