June update - carp fishing at Bin el Ouidane in Morocco

Submitted by Bas van Klaveren on 25-06-2014

Another update from the hot & sunny Bin el Ouidane in Morocco... a carp anglers' paradise! We're going for a trip ourselves in October, and are counting the days grin

Carp fishing in Morocco at Lac Bin el Ouidane with The Carp Specialist and Morocco Carp Fishing!

"2-3 weeks ago Marc announced there was a sudden lull observed after the frenzy of the last few weeks. Alas, he was indeed right. Despite of this Raph (my best fishing mate) and myself decided in a hurry to "go for it" and were ready to fight for 10 days on paradise….  Unfortunately, along these 10 days, we only put 15 fish onto the mat out of ± 20 runs.  Among the most beautiful ones, there were 14kg600, 13 +, 2 x 11+ and 2 times again 10+. However, we have tried 3 different zones, namely "Aghenbou" south side "Colorado" and finally "Aghenbou" again but this time on the east side.  However, we had a great session made meaningful contacts, have found Moroccocarpfishing team well in place, very effective and always ready to rend possible our most exigent requests.
A "Special News MCF" will shortly be presenting the entire team which will allow all customers to put a name on a face. For other fishermen (around 12 all the time) on lake during the past 10 days, a German team took 16 fish up to 17kgs on "Bennis" spot..
On "Yury", a team of three fishermen (Serbian, Dutch and Swiss) did catch around 10 fishs with 16kgs for the biggest after 10 days. Yves, a very nice French guy was fishing alone on "Ahamli" and catch very few fish but still a 17 + who had made him a very nice battle for more than 45 minutes.  Finally in the bay of the camp and on "Gérard" island, only 4-5 small fishs were reported by the two Serbian teams.
However, one position, "Pointe Stéphane" seemed really productive in the last 7 days since a Dutchman and his wife who touched virtually nothing for 3-4 days in the Bay of French suddenly decided to finish his session on this post where he immediately catched 8 fishs asap his arrival out of which 5 between 15 and 19 +. He then underwent a new lull 48h to complete the last 48 hours in strength including 14 fishs made during his last night bringing the total to 37 fish.  Having heard about that, Thomas, a very nice Vendéen chap, moved to this spot and immediately catched 8 to 10 fish from 10kgs to 17+ at Bin el Ouidane."

Carp fishing in Morocco at Lac Bin el Ouidane with The Carp Specialist and Morocco Carp Fishing!

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