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For a while now Maurice and myself are fishing for carp. Whether it’s the canals close to our homes or the larger lakes further away. Always when we arrive on the bank, it’s that warm feeling of coming home. As we both have a busy job, and fishing takes time, all hours we can spend on the bank are much appreciated. And when we finally have time to fish, we enjoy a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee, stare over the water and talk about carp.
The last session of the year, it was no different. The temperatures have significantly dropped and next to talking about Dutch monster fish, we now also talk about French carping. After setting some ideal scenarios and many nights of dreaming about French carp, we start looking for a lake that suits our needs. We quickly end up at the website of The Carp Specialist, and after checking all available information and some e-mails to Bas, we choose to fish Etang de la Livardière. A nice lake of 17 hectares just below the city of Le Mans and featuring some small islands and a challenging carp stock. Happy with our choice, we start preparing our first ever carp trip to France.
For me, and I think for many carp anglers, the preparation of a trip is half of the pleasure of our sport. Thinking about the best approach and technique, preparing your gear and learning as many as you can about the lake is exciting! We have called each other a lot, and we’re constantly sending WhatsApp-messages to exchange tips. Many needs to be done to prepare ourselves. The right baits need to be found and tested, we need to buy some extra gear and, most important, we need to fish a lot before our French trip to get in the right mood.
Now, in January 2013, we are too busy at work to have time fish. Writing this little article does help to keep looking forward to our first carp fishing holiday in France. Hopefully, when the weather is better and we have time, we can also start fishing in The Netherlands.
Until that time I keep you informed about our preparations and I hope to have motivated you a bit as well to organize a carp trip to France yourself. Etang de la Livardière: here we come!
Tight lines!
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