Great news from Iktus Ruffaud: A 70.5lb mirror carp and many improvements for 2019!

Submitted by Mark on 06-12-2018

It was the first year that Iktus Ruffaud opened her doors for guests. A year like this is always exciting... Where will the fish holding up, will the fish feed on boilies, are the swims big enough and the most important one, are we going to see fish on the bank?!

It was a big job during the winter of 2017/2018 to turn Iktus Ruffaud into the beautiful domain as it is right now. They build new swims and stocked up 550 carp up to 61lb. All this, so the first anglers could arrive in March 2018. Richard and I were the first anglers visiting the new lake. The result? A stunning result of 30 carp up to 45lb! This swim was really productive that week but the other swims, almost quiet... A lot of carp stayed together during the first period and the results were very different. Some anglers had an amazing time, the others had some feedback.

Big Fish at Iktus Ruffaud The Carp Specialist UK
Richard with his 45lb fish!

Our colleague Bas and Jeroen went back for a week during this autumn. They made a list of improvements from the feedback we received from our guests and talked with Danny, the English bailiff on site, about their thoughts. After a good conversation, they came up with the following improvements for the season of 2019 on Iktus Ruffaud!

Less swims = more fishing space!

Swim 1 (A) and 8 (H) has been removed so there is more fishing space per swim. grin

An extension of the current stock!

This winter we add 500 extra carp to the original stock and already 200 are delivered with the biggest one of 70.5lb! wink
The fished which are released into Iktus Ruffaud are some really scaly mirror carp and carp, also they stocked up some koi and grass carp so they can clear out some of the weed.

Reopening of the Restaurant!

Soon after the opening of Iktus Ruffaud, the owner of the restaurant closed his doors so it wasn't possible to order any meal service. As we speak, a new manager took over the restaurant and he will re-open his restaurant at the beginning of April 2019.

With all these improvements we are really curious what next year is going to bring for Iktus Ruffaud... We are looking forward to it!

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