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File Poisson Chat: It is better to prevent than to heal!

For those who don't know them yet a small introduction of the poisson chat. Even though it is far related to the European Catfish the American poisson chat isn't the cause of lots of curved rods and spectacular fights, but the cause of lots of headaches among many anglers in France. This small fish can grow up to 40 cm and because of the lack of natural enemies it can ruin whole fish stocks. For the angler it is no fun too: baited areas are totally ruined, hookbaits aren't safe anymore and the lots of beeps and half bites will drive you crazy. Luckily we don't see the poisson chat in The Netherlands and Belgium but in lots of French waters this animal is a true bully. Because they swim also at our venue Castle Lakes we thought it would be time for some good hints. With a good preparation you can avoid the little poisson chat perfectly and hunt for those really big monster carp. After all, a fishing holiday in France is great!

Poisson chat loves fish/fish meal

So don't use that. Don't drop a single boilie based on fish / fish meal in the water. Don't bait them, the same for fish meal pellets: Don't! A better tactic is to chose a sweet boilie and use bigger diameters!

Poisson chat chews your bait off the hair

The solution is just as efficient as simple. Use bigger diameter boilies (for example start with 25mm) or use several small boilies. You can harden them by store them in a bucket with sugar. As guidance you can stick with 1kg boilies to 1kg sugar. Let them harden for a week, this should do. Watch out with the boilie needle, you might use a boilie drill. To lengthen the lifetime of your boilies, and that is a must when poisson chat torture you, you can use mesh around your hookbait. The MAD guys have developed a beautiful product for this. It is a nylon-like thin mesh which looks like PVA in which you can pack your hookbait. This is really simple, and it gives you the guarantee that your hookbait stays perfect in place. This MAD Guardian Mesh can't be missing in your tacklebox when you go to France, it works very good too when crayfish is torturing your hookbait.
Besides wrapping bottombaits the use of pop-ups is really recommended. We can't really explain, but during our own sessions, we noticed clearly difference in the use of bottombait or pop-up.

Poisson chat isn't really in fond of particles

Hard particles like tigernuts are perfect bait to mislead poisson chat. Occasionally you can catch one, but this is lot less attractive to poisson chat, on top of that, you can be sure your bait remains on the hair. Next to the well known tigernut, less known particles like maples or lupine beans are also good as carp bait. When you combine the particle with a plastic pop-up tigernut or a (fluo) fake corn it can't go wrong any more. Goodbye poisson chat and hello carp!

Poisson chat mostly feeds with the help of its barbels

This means that we prefer visual attractive baits. The bait doesn't need to smell, as long as it attracts the visual attention. Next to the well known fluo corn, MAD also offers a wide selection of plastic Neon imitation boilies with some remarkable colours like white, green, yellow, orange and pink. Piece by piece perfect colours, the carp will take the bait before the annoying poisson chat will.
Combi-rigs are a good choice when to expect poisson chat, these rigs are hard to tangle up, something they do rather quick with flexible braided hooklinks.
At lakes whit an very active stock of poisson chat we recommend to fish here in spring or autumn, because during the summer the poisson chat are very active feeders. The owners of the lakes are most of the time very busy in fighting the poisson chat. Mostly they fight them by nettings or placing special catfish cages. In the end, Castle Lakes is a real good recommendation for carp, just keep the presence of the poisson chat in mind.
Do you have any good tips yourself? Post them below and give a reaction!
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