Early Booker Deal - High discounts at MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO!

Submitted by Mark de Zwart on 18-12-2018

The Carp Specialist is very proud to be able to offer every 'early booker' a very interesting deal for the 2019 carp season! Regardless of which of our lakes you book, you will receive a discount code from our partners MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO which can be used once in the relevant webshops. Here you can order everything you want: bait at MTC or Dragon Baits, a bait boat at PK Baitboats or tough carp clothing & accessories at KWO. A perfect extra for you and your mates for your next carp fishing holiday at The Carp Specialist. So where are you waiting for... take advantage of the discounts below!

The Carp Specialist - Carp fishing in France!

25% discount at MTC Baits

MTC Baits is probably the largest freezer baits producer in Europe and offers a wide range of high-quality products. These are delivered directly to the angler from the factory. If you never fished with MTC Baits before, let this bait convince you - the freshness and good quality will definitely please you! You can find the complete range on the MTC Baits website.

The Carp Specialist - Carp fishing in France!

25% discount at Dragon Baits (German-website only)

Dragon Baits is a well-known name in Germany for the production of quality bait, and rubber boats ... but less well known in the UK. The range is certainly worth a look and we cordially invite you to visit the website of Dragon Baits. The entire range of bait and rubberboats are with 25% discount, with the exception of the Dragon Cell lithium batteries.

The Carp Specialist - Carp fishing in France!

25% discount at KWO (Dutch-website only)

The guys of KWO are of course real 'fishing machines' and the website has a large number of visitors and 'community members'. In addition to the most beautiful videos and most instructive articles, KWO has its own webshop in which, among other things, offers a wide range of crazy carp clothing. This way you will appear 'cool' and comfortable on the waterfront ... and say for yourself: those fish photos look a bit better with the beautiful new clothing from KWO!

The Carp Specialist - Carp fishing in France!

15% discount at PK Baitboats

Our friend Patrick Koster from PK Baitboats is one of the real 'nerds' in carp fishing. As a real specialist, he builds as a Dutch manufacturer baitboats of the highest quality. From basic to the most extensive examples with depth gauge, GPS and Auto-Pilot ... it can be found at PK Baitboats. Precisely on our payment water it often comes exactly to the square meter, and a top boat of PK can certainly help you to increase the catches!


Action conditions

  • This promotion applies to all reservations that we receive until 1th of March 2019
  • You will receive 1 discount code per booking that is valid for all companies mentioned, even if you have booked several fishing holidays you will receive a total of 1 discount code
  • You will receive by e-mail your discount code from MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO by the end of March 2019!
  • This discount code is valid in the webshops of MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO and valid until 31 December 2019
  • There is no minimum or maximum order amount
  • MTC Baits, PK Baitboats, Dragon Baits & KWO are your contact partners for orders, tips and questions
  • If you cancel your fishing trip or do not pay on time, the right to participate in this early booking action will lapse
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