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Dynamite & Strategy fieldtester Saron Debets and buddy Wout report their session at Lac de Villedon

Friday night 11 o'clock, the doorbell rings..
It is the 15 year old Wout, my fishing buddy for this week. His mother dropped him off for his first week in France. We are ready to go and quickly we get in my fully loaded Inca. Totally excited and full of expectations we travel to France. In the car we talk about our tactic, we listen to some music, sing along and every once and a while we stop to rest a bit. In the car we decide to fish by turns. (It was pretty remarkable, I caught all the small fish, and when it was Wout his turn, there was a big fish on. You deserve them!)
When we arrive at Lac de Villedon, it soon appears there are a lot more anglers than first was said. Almost all the swims were taken and swim 4 was given to us. At this swim, just like the other swims in the front of the lake, was caught very well last week. I was frightened by the space we had at swim 4. This was about 100 meters wide. We had to put 8 rods in this space? This was an unpleasant surprise.
Disappointed, you try to make the best out of it... Results from the past don't give any guarantees for the future, this was obvious very soon. The first night we managed to catch some reasonable fish in the front of the lake, but after that, it soon was clear that the fish left to the shallow part of the lake. At the swims in the back of the lake were caught a lot of fish. For us, this meant less fish in the area, and they would be more careful too. The cause of this is off course the lack of food competition.
Therefore, we decided to bait up slightly. I had found some holes were the depth went from 2 to 2,6 meters and at the edges of these holes I placed my bait. This was a half boilie with a PVA bag with crushed boilies. This seemed to work pretty well, because we caught fish on a regular base, and the anglers around us didn't catch anything.
In the dark, I gently row to the holes and spread some crushed boilies around. I used a lot of fish-oil to mix the crushed boilies. Every time when the bait went in the water there was a big oil spot on the surface. During the day I used a baitboat for this. This way I disturb the spots as less as possible, but we still could drop some food every now and then. And it was very attractive.
Halfway through the week the bad catches resulted in other anglers moving to the swims were the fish was caught. The angler on the right of us even left to go back home. For us, this is very useful, because there were a lot less lines in the water and we finally had some extra space to fish decent and do what we want to do. On top of that, in the night, I heard several big fish jump at swim 3. now this angler was gone, we were able to put one rod in this area. This was a perfect move, because this spot delivered the bigger fish. We also started to catch fish on the other rods, but unfortunately this were all small fish.
They guys at swim 2 were fishing pretty good too. They had caught already several 30lb+ and even a 40lb+ fish! This was a confirmation to me that there still were some pretty good fish in this area.
At the end of the week, the wind turned and was blowing full power our way and it was increasing! This was very positive. More oxygen in the water and more fish swimming into our corner. That's why I decided to bait up quite some kilo's bigger boilies spread out in the area of our spots. This was a good move, that night already, we caught some nice fish. The morning was even better! All 8 rods delivered fish within 2 hours. Several times we were playing fish at the same time. This way, that last morning we managed to catch 4 more 30lb+ fish, the biggest of them was an 18,4kg mirror.
Wout was able to set a new PB twice and he was completely satisfied. With about 40 fish, I guess we did a good job at our swim. We have taken the best out of it and we worked our asses off to keep the swim going.
That afternoon, satisfied we pack our stuff and Friday night we are ready for the journey back to The Netherlands.
Wout, Thank you for your company!
Saron Debets
Consultant Dynamite Baits
Consultant Strategy Carp Gear
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