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Colorful fishstocking at Le Taillis des Landes!

Last weekend, it was finally time... Le Taillis des Landes got its long awaited and colorful adition to the carp stock. The owner of the lake is a very enthusiastic carp anglers and koi lover. He has carefully selected 8 of his koi, including some special 'butterfly-koi', to be stocked on the lake. Of course, the fish are thorougly tested for diseases first and have been in quarantaine for months. They proved to be clean and safe for stocking, and will be a nice catch for visiting carp anglers.
On some of our other French carpfishing venues, like Etang de Mont and Lac de Villedon, koi of 20lb+ have already been caught: great isn't it?
Below, you may find several photos from the koi at their stocking:
Are you curious what the lake has to offer more next to these nice koi? On the detailpage of Le Taillis des Landes you may find all information about the venue!
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