Carp fishing at Windmill Lake!

Somewhere in the Auvergne region, near Vaumas (France) you can find a beautiful lake called 'Windmill Lake'. From the 19th of October till the 26th, I had the pleasure to fish on this lake. In this article I will share my own experience of this week, describe the lake and tell you something about how we took on this lake.

The day of arrival

After a long journey of nearly 1100km we arrived at Windmill Lake.
On arrival we first were invited by Anton and Diaan, the Dutch owners of the lake. We got a cup of coffee, talked about the journey and about recent catches. While I took another sip of my cup I heard another fish jump, like he was laughing at me for not having my rods in yet. The more often I heard a fish jump, the more I forgot the coffee was still boiling hot. My brother, who also happens to be my fishing buddy, had talked about how we should prepare 2 rods right away. We had to put PVA bags on the rods with a good mix and throw them at locations where we see fish jump. As I remembered that I saw another fish completely leave the water, I had put the location in my head. And within 10 minutes, he jumped again near the same location! He was gonna get caught..! As I finished my cup of coffee, we drove the car to the first location where 2 of us would settle and use a caravan this trip (my father and youngest brother).
My little brother who only recently caught his first carp was pumped to catch a carp. Tom, (My fishing buddy & brother) and me looked at each other and said that we would help our little brother to catch the first carp. As we finished unpacking the car we prepared a rod, put a PVA bag on the hook, filled it and threw it at the location we saw fish jump multiple times. While we were preparing our own rigs and rods it started.. “Beep…. beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeep”! My youngest brother, picked up the rod.. and he got him!
You can see the joy on this young fisherman’s face, beautiful. After some pictures Tom guided Wouter (my youngest brother) and safely returned the fish afterwards.
So far, so Good. Tom and me finished our rigs and rods and took all our supplies with the car back to Swim 1. As we had finished the rods, we searched for some good locations where to put the rods, the first three were placed tight against the left side of the lake. One 15 meters in front of a little island and two in the deepest part of the lake, as we saw the fish still jump at the deeper points. At the start of the evening all the rods were in and we started to experience the nature at Windmill Lake. The sun was lowering, and you heard nothing for a moment… No birds, no jumping fish, nothing…
When the sun was completely gone, the nightlife of nature started to come alive. You can hear the owls in the distance, the wind blowing through the trees and a fox alarm bait indicator.. Wait, What? I ran to my rods and caught my first fish of the week on the rod in front of the island.
After I returned the carp I just sat in my chair for a while, enjoying the beautiful nature I was in. Not long after that we caught our second fish, A nice common for Tom.

The next days

At Windmill Lake there is also a second lake where you can fish. At first the color looked really strange.
The water is completely healthy, and that’s for me enough to find out what kind of carp swim in this lake. Again a rod with a PVA bag standing next to me as I try to spot a fish. As soon as I saw a fish jump I took the rod and threw the PVA bag on top of it. About 20 minutes later I caught the first fish there, and it was beautiful.
This lake was at the opposite of our swim, so we could easily walk from one to another. Over the next day we started to realize that the fish weren’t at the locations we were fishing anymore, so we took the boat again and started to search for a good location at another part of the lake, where we heard fish jump last night.
Now we had found the right spot, we placed the rod at the location and put some extra bait there too. The same night we caught 4 fish on the same rod, that spot was a success! Sadly, we only had one night left. Early in the morning we caught the last fish of the session.
In total we caught 23 fish in 7 nights. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves being in the middle of nature likes silenced and relaxing while fishing on this beautiful lake.
Special thanks: The Carp Specialist and Anton & Diaan.
Written by Maarten Snoek.
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