Beautiful session report by the Postma brothers at Lac de Villedon!

After a 1050km drive we arrive at 8 in the morning at Lac de Villedon. The lake is situated near the village Asnieres-sur-Blour in the centre of France. At 9 o'clock the Dutch owner of this 75 acre big lake welcomes us and he offers us a cup of coffee. After the cup of coffee and some information about the lake we went to the car to unload our stuff. We had to load all our equipment on to a boat to reach our swim. This was not reachable without a boat. It took us 10 minutes by boat to reach the swim. The week before an angler caught over 70 fish at our swim, including some 15 and 20kg+ fish.
After we had tied up the boat, we could unload it and place the bivvies. Next we prepared our rods and gear. We went in the boat to mark the spots and to bait up. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon the first boilies were placed on the hairs and the lines were put out to the spots. For bait we have chosen for the Liver Complex Dumbell Partymix Mini by Sunrise Baitservice.
Arjan had packed the bait vacuum and professional. He gave us 4 pots of soaked hookbaits and this appeared to be gold in our hands! The first 4 days we managed to catch 7 carp, the weight of these carp were: 32, 30, 29, 29, 26, 26 and 24 lb. We also caught a 25lb sturgeon. On average, this isn't bad, but this isn't very good either. The catches at other swims weren't very good too, except for the swims on the east side of the lake, they caught a lot!
After having some talks with the owner, we moved Wednesday to swim 19, this appeared to be a good move. Instantly we started to catch pretty well after settling everything. We accomplished this by baiting up a lot and spread out and mostly not too little. This time it didn't took long before we had a bite. Right after one hour fishing we caught the first carp. A nice 25lb mirror was the first one to visit the net. After this fish, that day 7 carp followed. 5 of them were 15kg+! (17, 17, 17,5, 18,5 and 19kg).
Thursday was a good day too. After baiting up very widely with the Dumbell Partymix of Sunrise Baitservice. On this day, we managed to land 10 carp, 5 of them were 15kg+: 15,5, 15,5, 17, 17 and 19,5kg and we caught some beautiful high 20lb carp. At the Friday, our last vacation day, we were treat with a super day! Again we chose to bait up pretty heavy. The rest of our boilies entered the water and with the leftover kilo's we would fish the rest of this day. The excessive baiting has helped us to accomplish our goals. At swim 20, the swim of our neighbours, the bites were decreasing pretty bad, and we just got more and more bites! On the last day, we accomplished to catch an astonishing 15 carp from our baited area.
The biggest fish was a 40,5lb mirror, 7 30lb+ and some other fish between 15 and 24lb entered our net. The angler at the other side of the lake was able to take advantage of baiting up our swim; he caught the last few days 34 fish.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, our holiday had come to an end. At 9 o'clock everything was packed and load in the car. We could start our long journey back to Friesland. After some stops, we arrived safely at home at 21:30h. This vacation was very successful. In total we managed to catch 40 carp, one of them was 20kg+ and 17 of them were over 15kg, it was beautiful. In October we will return to Lac de Villedon and the choice of bait is already made! Again, this will be the Sunrise Baitservice Dumbell Partymix!
Leo & Sietse Postma
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