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Back to basic? Casting versus boating...

In every hobby there are dilemma's: is it going to be a white or a black rabbit, a normal rabbit or a Flemish Giant, or maybe a guinea-pig? Well... This year I ran into something the same in my fishery: casting or using a boat?
In my own fishery I can't imagine not using a boat and/or baitboat. Not because I am 'too lazy to cast', but more because the use of a depth-meter gives me a good view of the structure of the bottom. In my opinion this is really important, by knowing the structure of the bottom, you can make an expectation where the fish will feed in certain circumstances and conditions. A prodding-stick, good depth-meter with GPS (for plotting maps) and a underwater viewer are real 'essentials' to me... at least that's what I was always thinking!
This Spring we got the opportunity to test and add Etang de la Poitevinière to our package. A beautiful lake of about 150 acres in a fairy-like environment. A castle, wide-spread forests and a true daring stock... though, with a (for me) big remark: the use of a boat and baitboat isn't allowed. We need a different approach for this lake, Back to basic!
During the week at Etang de la Poitevinière I was unpleasantly surprised by my own inability... marking, spodding, aimed and precise casting and baiting at long distance was really difficult. Normally I use my little boat to get a good overview of the structure of the bottom, now I was marking for ours to find some interesting differences in depth. At every cast I was thinking about the fish: wouldn't I scare them away by all the sound we make? Well, I was really discouraged by this way of fishing, I hadn't had a lot of faith in it. It felt like I was fishing 'at random'. In contrast to 10 years ago, when I didn't had the possibility to use a boat and depth-meter, and I had faith in my way of fishing. Is the development I made from a 'casting angler' to a 'boating angler' a positive development?
I asked myself that question all week long, and I haven't been able to find a good answer to that question. With every fish I caught by casting, I got more faith in this approach, but I started to wonder how many fish I might have caught at Etang de la Poitevinière if we had permission to use a boat of baitboat? This is a question which off course I can't answer.
Both ways of fishing, casting and boating, do have their own pros and cons. Some of them are objective, but most of them subjective. As carpers, most of the time we spend waiting and trust your strategy is really important. And that trust is what I miss especially in the beginning of the session... Casting at a 150 acre lake, the fish will retrieve out of casting range really soon right?
Eventually Maarten and I have caught that week lots of beautiful fish, and this was a pretty good session after all. Etang de la Poitevinière is beautiful and we got really attached to the lake. We do wonder if the lake wouldn't be even better if the use of a boat or baitboat would be allowed. The fish would grow (more bait), the presentation of your rig is better and you get a better view of the bottom structure, less line snapping and damaged fish.. that would be great! Or do we have a wrong vision and are we too much spoiled as 'modern' anglers with modern techniques and will the use of a boat break down the idyllic character of the lake?

What do you think?

We would really appreciate it if you would answer our 'poll: casting or boating?, which we have put on our The Carp Specialist Facebookpage. Through this way, we get to know what you think of it, so we can advise the owner of Etang de la Poitevinière what to do about the rules. Would you help us please by voting?
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