April 13th until 20th 2012: Session report Rick van de Graaf & Jelle Terberg at Domaine des Iles!

After two successful weekends at Domaine des Iles, I decided to fish here for a week with my mate. After some talks with Bas from The Carp Specialist we've decided to book swim 12 and 13, in spite of the risk of bad weather in early spring. In the past I have fished this swim and this is the perfect spot for floatfishing outside the booked swims, the domain is perfect for this type of carpfishing. Every year I am surprised by the lazyness of the modern carpers. We came to enjoy the beauty of the domain, but in the end it would be a week of hard work to catch some fish.
During my last trips a lot of things became clear about how to act on Domaine des Iles and using the right systems and technics. As known, the fish are caught very often and the water is pretty pressured. There are a lot of obstacles en that could make playing the fish very difficult. Even though we were really close to the rods, we missed a couple of fish this session. Safety is very important on this water, so that other people still can catch these beautiful fish.
After a restless night without a lot of sleep we finally take of and after a short 3,5h drive we enter the domain. We hope to get a lot of sun and pretty springweather but it is going to be a week with a lot of cold and unstable weather. At Friday we put on our hat and a week later we can take it of. Off course we take it of for a nice warm shower. In spite of the bad weather it will be a unforgetable week for both me and my fishmate.
In the car on our way to the domain, Jelle spoke out his wish to catch his first 40lb fish and one of the big commons would be his dream. The agreement is that we fish take for take during the day and in the night we will fish our own swims. On the second day, Bernard stops by for a chat. I ask him if he could remove the tree at the righthand side of swim 12 because of losing fish. Bernard would get somebody to trim the tree and I'll have to get the boat at the Main Lodge. It is about 10.30h and regardless that it is my turn to take the next fish, I went off to get the boat. The moment I return rowing in the boat with pearls of sweat on my head, Jelle has a big smile on his face. When he lifts the net it becomes clear that he has caught an immense common. After weighing the fish, we can make the conclusion that it is 41,5lb. Jelle and his new PB and what a beauty. Congratulations mate!
The rest of the week we could welcome a lot of beautiful fish on the mat. At the second last day, we have 30 fish, a lot of 20lb fish and 6 30's. I am a passionate floatfishermen and even though we caught some beautiful fish, even a pretty old 30lb, the most of the big fish came from the static rods. At the second last morning it is Jelle's turn to take the next bite and I can't help it to take the floater rod and fish one of the many ditches. I have been prefeeding this spot for a couple of days and when I arrive, at first sight I have my doubts if there is any fish feeding. Because of the wind it is hard to fish very accurate but after 15 minutes I see a big yellow spot in the water, just seeing the back of this fish makes my heart skip a couple of beats. About a minute later my float gently disappears under the surface. After striking it, my handbuild floater rod 2tc bends until the corck and after 15 minutes with many critical moments, I can put my net under a very very old mirror carp. Eventually it proofed to be a high 30lb fish. For me, it's a new record caught with the float and a 8lb line. How great is that!
Eventually, we catch in this very bad weather 31 fish. At the end of the week Bernard gives us a cap of Domaine des Iles and a bottle of red wine, because we both got an 40lb fish, for the help by removing the tree and for transfer the bigger fish of Carpière. For the fishermen who will visit Domaine des Iles in the future, it is wise to fish Carpière. There are a lot of smaller commons, but there are also some bigger fish in that water. The water has always been connected to the Backlake. The fish between 15 and 28lb should be transferred to the Backlake and everything above 30lb should stay at the Main Lake. This will stimulate the growingprocess of the smaller fish. And off course, don't forget to reel in your rods during floatfishing.
In the mean while, we're back at work and slowly it comes to our mind that we have to wait for a whole year before we are back at the gate of this beautiful domain. Bernard, thanks for the outstanding week at Domaine des Iles!
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