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An unforgettable carp session at Lac de Villedon!

From the carp travel agency The Carp Specialist we received an invitation to fish Lac de Villedon for a winter session. A great way to spend Christmas! After a comfortable drive, we safely arrived at the lake and we were greeted by Paul, John and Damien. Guys that work with heart and soul at the lake and ensure the best fish stock, lake and surroundings. We felt very welcome… it’s nice to share the passion of carp fishing!
Lac de Villedon offers a perfect carp fishing holiday in a rural environment with nice sights. The large lake is over 200 years old and is being used for breeding carp, pike, zander, koi, trout and roach. Each year, the lake is netted to keep the fish stock in balance and to remove any nuisance fish such as bream and catfish.
The lake has a rough shape, many bays, point and natural swims. Per week, a maximum of 30 anglers is allowed, so that each angler always has a minimum of 1 hectare to fish. As the lake is riverfed, there is always a flow of fresh water. This ensures a perfect water quality. We caught some very nice and powerful carp, which really gave us a good fight… and we were very surprised by the nice mixture of shapes, sizes and scale patterns of the fish. With carp to over 30kg present, the pressure was on!
To reach your swim, it is necessary to use a boat (with an optional electric engine). There’s single, double and even triple swims around the lake. You can rent a boat and/or engine on site, or bring your own. As the lake is this big in size, you have plenty of privacy and an ultimate ‘back-to-basics’-feeling. The nearest highway is nearly an hour away, so it’s really in the middle of knowhere.
We felt like Robinson Crusoe on the lake, whilst all amenities such as a battery charging point, showers and toilets are all available. Next to the normal swims, the lake has 3 accommodations for the angler that prefers that extra bit of comfort. An onsite restaurant is open all year round and Damien, the chef, makes delicious meals. You can eat them at the restaurant, or have them delivered at your swim. Next to restaurant, there’s a tackleshop with terminal tackle and plenty of bait in case you run out. The villa, gite and cabin offer a nice view over the lake and are perfect choices for a holiday with family or friends.
From a large pontoon, we could easily put our carp tackle in the boat. On the swim, we noticed that the lake has an abundance of mussels, snails and bloodworm… so we adjusted our baits to this. Our choice for this session was the new Dynamite The Crave bait: a high-protein bait made from birdfood, predigested fishmeal and liquids which is acclaimed to be an excellent winter bait.
We caught all carp with the Fox Horizon 12’ 3lb rods, the 12000S reels and 15lb Soft Steel XS main line. As a set-up we used Kwik Change Safety Lead Clip rigs on tubing, 4oz Horizon leads and a 25lb Coretex combi-rig of 10cm length with a Arma Point XSC hook in size 6. The rig was presented in a PVA stick.
During the first night we caught 4 carp this way. Lovely fish to see and that all gave a spectacular fish, even with a water temperature of only 7 degrees Celcius. The weights of the fish all surpassed 15kg, with the heaviest carp at 21,8kg. The next day, we decided to give the swim some rest, carefully check the bottom structure and bait up. In the night, this resulted in 9 carp on the bank! The carp loved The Crave and the stick mix, it was hectic. That night, we caught 6 carp over 20kg, and the biggest fish was a lovely common of 24,8kg. What an incredible result!
It was an unforgettable experience! A winter session with 16 fish in total. What result could we have had in the summer months? We will definitely be back. We enjoyed our trip very much and thank the De Flines family, John, Damien and The Carp Specialist for this incredible session!
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