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Because we wanted to fish a water with a lot of action and the amount of fish was the most important to us, Etang du Charnay was recommended to us. June 14th we left in a very good mood from the High North (Leeuwarden) to Thionne. The car was fully loaded with carp stuff. At arrival, the friendly Patrick welcomed us at his private area by giving us a tour aroud the lake and pointing some hotspots. Soon we had picked a nice spot and bivvied up there.
Already the first evening we were able to catch some fish and we had a good feeling for the rest of the week. That feeling wasn't wrong. After the first day we not only got more action, but the action got also more intense. We had nights were we decided to fish with only 2 rods per person (4 in total) because the bites were following too quick. At a given moment we hadn't had a single line in the water because during the fight on one rod, the next one took of. The action that was promised to us was realised. We enjoyed the fishing, the environment and the quietness a lot. The accomodation was perfectly okay. In between all the carpbites, we were able to do some pikefishing ( we caught a 85cm pike). It was a very clear water loaded with fish and a great diversity of species. Etang du Charnay is really recommended for those who like a lot of action and also catch some carp of reasonable size.
We used particles, Liver Complex (15-24mm) and Birdfood boilies. For feeding and pre-feeding we used halibut. The first day about half a kilo per rod divided over the whole margin. After that keeping the spot feeded with a couple of hands per rod. Well caught on a stiff-rig and baited out all the way to the other margin under the overhanging trees. In the middle of the lake we caught nothing due to the riverbed (silt).
In total we caught 27 carp (26 mirrors and 1 common). The smallest was 4kg and the biggest carp was 13kg. The length was between 60-77cm We have fished only the morning and evening hours. At night we took our rest in the accomodation en during the day we had the time to explorer the surrounding en do some pikefishing. We also caught some perch and roach!
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