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A 'fishing trip' in France, 21st till 28th of April!

The first fish of 2012 have been caught already and we want to go to France ourselves. Even though the weather was really bad last week, we are going to make an attempt to get some French carp in our net from Saturday, April 21st till 28th our hunting grounds will be one of our new destinations, which we were able to add, after a positive field test, to our paylake package this year.
By popular request, we have searched for a big and daring water, and we think with the water we are going to fish, we have found a beautiful lake. Situated in the middle of France, almost 150 acres, in the country side with some beautiful nature and on top of that all: stocked with some very beautiful fish! Although the complete stock is a mystery, we have seen some pictures of both common as mirror carp, who break easily the 20kg limit.
On this page we try to provide a daily update, if we have an internet-connection at the site off course. Keep an eye on this page!
By phone we will not be as accessible as you are used to be, but we will help you as good as we can by mail on [email protected] during our field test.

Update Sunday afternoon April 22nd

Finally... after a pitty drive (hardly 9 hours from Tiel) we arrive at the water. It is rainy, and after a warm welcome by Jean-Pierre, in between the showers we manage to settle our equipment. The wind is blowing over the lake from the South West, and the depth marking and putting out the lines is pretty tough.
We use this session ready-made vacuumed particles from our webshop, the Grainbaits Natural boilies and also the special ProLine TCS Peach & Pepper dumbells. Because we don't know the water, we decide to start of with a big variety of baits, depths and distances. Because of the low temperature of the water, we have the most faith in the rods, situated on the deeper parts of the lake (about 3-3,5 meters). These rods are situated in an old river bed which crosses the water.
The water has the typical Cassien-shape, 3 big arms, which will combine in a big central basin. Joep is the lucky one to fish the spot were these three arms assemble, and after a bit of searching with the depth-meter, he finds the spot where 2 of the old gullies combine into a big channel.
The first night was really energetic, after going to sleep very early, Jasper catches the first fish on his spot... a nice 30lb+ common! Joep and I get a bite right after the release of the first fish. 3 fish in just half an hour. That is going really well!
Later that night a second fish takes the Grainbaits pop-up. In the morning I manage to catch the second 30lb+ fish of this session. A beautiful mirror! Later on that Sunday, even a third 30lb+ fish for Jasper and 2 other carp. Below some pictures... In spite of the weather, this is a really good and promising start. See you on the next update!

Update Monday afternoon April 23rd

Unlike previous years, we made the choice to do our annual spring/field test session a bit later in the season. Mostly due to the weather, because in the past, some pretty tough weather conditions made it hardly possible to fish early April. It is our destiny, this session, 24 hour constant rain and storm (7bft) made it really hard to fish and use the boat. With a lot of pain and afford we manage to catch pretty continuous... with the 4 of us, we now have 13 carp and a big sturgeon. Below some pictures of today, hopefully tomorrow an update with some improvement in the weather!

Update Tuesday afternoon April 24th

This night, the weather was even worse than the days before. After putting our rods on the right spots and manage to catch some fish with a lot of pain and afford, the wind increased to 8bft. In combination with the really serious storms and the rising of the water level with half a meter, makes this an exiting session, that's for sure!
Jasper and I have exactly 15 fish, 3 of them were 15kg+, 2 sturgeons and some really nice fish who just didn't make it to the 15kg. We fish on the deeper part of the lake, in the direction of the corner were the dam is. Especially our deeper rods (situated between 2,5 and 3,4 meters) are producing fish, and on the swim of Maikel & Joep unfortunately, it remains calm with 3 fish on the open and more shallow water. Too quiet...
The boys decided to move. After some exploring and a lot of talking they made the choice to move to swim 32 & 33, these 2 swims are situated on the most narrow part of the lake (about 150 meters wide) this is really the transition between the central part of the lake, and the shallow long arm of about 1,5km which is behind the central part. Because the weather forecast starts to get a bit better for the upcoming days, Maikel and Joep hope to intercept the fish there. With the hard wind from the South West, blowing straight on their swims, this seems to be an excellent choice!
This time unfortunately no pictures due to the bad weather, but we will make it up double tomorrow with some pretty big fish!

Update Thursday afternoon April 26th

Finally an update again... I apologize for the absence of the update yesterday. The owner of Etang de Mont and Domaine de Bouxier invited me for a visit, and actually I was on the road the whole day. Tuesday night we managed to catch a couple of fish, off course it was raining. In the morning we put out some rods again and I leave to Etang de Mont. It is late in the evening, when I, due to some traffic jams, arrive back at the swim. I spent some time answering mails, and watched a movie. Jasper had to deal with a real big storm during the day, my MAD Space Dome, was taken by the wind. Fortunately, no serious damage :D
Joep & Maikel are fishing very well on swim 32 & 33! They have caught 6 fish already, Jasper and I now have 20 fish. Due to the bad weather, 24h-non-stop rain, this is not a bad result. We hope to catch a real big one as a highlight!
Thank you very much for the nice reactions!

Update Friday afternoon April 27th

Yes... Since Thursday evening, Joep is a member of the 'Forties-club'. From swim 32 he caught after a hard fight, a 22kg mirror carp, also the first 40lb fish on our ProLine TCS Peach & Pepper Dumbells! That night Maikel and Joep managed to catch also a 19kg and another 15kg+ fish. That was a perfect night! In the morning, when I visited Maikel, he gets another bite, the result as a nice 11,5kg common...
Jasper and I had for the first time that week not a single bite... We did had wet feet, in the night, the water level had risen 50cm and in the morning, we both woke up with water in our bivvies :( Due to the bad catches on our swim, we decided to move. We picked a swim right next to the dam, here is the deepest point of the lake, 4,5meters at its deepest. And we expect to catch a couple of fish in the last night because of the cold weather.
This is the last update from France, tomorrow morning, we will leave to The Netherlands again! We have enjoyed this week fishing and in spite of the weather, we can't be displeased about the result. This water, we will not tell you the name already, will be one of our beauties in 2012/2013 for those who like challenge, big water, space, rest and a breathtaking environment!
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