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Good Friday is the day... and it really is a good Friday: The Carp Specialist is going on a holiday to France for a week! This time we don't go to one of our existing venues, but we are going to explore a new water and there is not much information about it.
Via a good friend we found in Middle-France a beautiful domain with a Dutch owner, on this domain there are 2 gites (holiday cottage) and a pool. One beautiful benefit is that just a stone-throw away, there is a 20 acre lake on his domain. A perfect destination for the carper and his family when the stock is worth it! To us the job to find out what kind of carp are in this lake.
Through this page we try to, when we have an internet connection, put a daily update to keep you informed. Below some pictures of the water:

Fishing holiday: Friday April 22nd

This afternoon packing the car... that will be stuffing to get it all in. with the 3 of us in a station car with a roof box. Hopefully we don't have to make too much concessions! It is about an 8 hour drive if everything will go well, so a bit of comfort would be very nice.

Fishing holiday: Saturday April 23rd

The journey wasn't as successful as we hoped it would be... a lot of traffic jams around Antwerp and Lille made us arrive at 2 o'clock at night. Patrick, the owner, was still awake, and welcomed us with a 'Texels Juttertje'. Lovely! After a small chat and a look at the gite we went to bed for some well-earned sleep. At 7 o'clock in the morning we are already awake, ready to have a look at the water!
The water exceeded all of our expectations: beautiful nature, signs of fish.. Around 8 o'clock we walk a lap around the lake for the second time, this time together with Patrick and we make a decision about the swims.
When the overloaded Opel is empty we leave for some groceries and we hurry back to the water. Chop-chop, we have to get those lines wet! That afternoon starts perfectly with a small (but beautiful scaled) mirror for Joep, a Crucian carp for Maikel and Bas catches a 26lb mirror, round as a ball. You can have a worse start! Time to return to the rods, tomorrow more news!

Fishing holiday: Sunday April 24th

Saturday afternoon was just as chaotic as the morning... lots of bites and lots of different fish in the nets. From mini-carp of about 3lb up to muddy fat 20lb carp: everything is here!
We bait up the area at the other side of the lake and we catch here a lot of fish underneath the overhanging trees. With 9 rods and an almost empty battery for the electro-motor, we can't keep up with this speed ad night. Therefore, we decide to pre-bait some spots in the middle of the lake, at casting-distance. With quite an amount of food at these spots, it doesn't take long before the fish arrives at night and in contrast to the shallow spots, these deeper spots produces bigger fish. This Sunday morning, we already have 6 20lb+ fish and an total of about 30 fish. This is not a water for the specialist, but really a place to have an active holiday with friends or family. Who can tell, that 30lb+ fish has to be caught this week, so quickly back to the rods!

Fishing holiday: Monday April 25th

The Sunday afternoon was very hectic, because of all the action on my rods, it was impossible to have all 3 the rods on the rodpod. Double, and even triple bites were very regular. Lots of the fish were around 15lb (both common as mirror, but the 20lb+ fish were missing, unfortunately.
At Maikel and Joep, during the day it wasn't as hectic as at my swim, but in the evening they made it all up to us by catching several 20lb+ fish up to 26lb. These fish were very strong too, real good sport! While we enjoyed a barbecue and a drink we decided to be more selective this night by using 30mm boilies to see if we could boost the average weight. I succeeded, I only caught one 21lb common. The guys on the other hand, caught 8 fish that night, so they had no sleep that night.
Just when we were away to the supermarket, Maikel caught a 14,8kg fish: so quickly back to the rods. That 15kg+ fish is coming!

Fishing holiday: Tuesday April 26th

The high 20lb+ that Maikel caught on the Monday morning was the start of a beautiful fishing day! After a good lunch with some baked eggs on the banks we caught about 10-15 fish, most of them were above 15lb and some up to 26lb. The fish had found the big baited spot at the middle of the lake, this is obvious, and it seems the big fish is on the upper hand. In the beginning of the session, we had some 20lb+ fish as big fish, now we almost only catch 20lb+ fish.
At the end of the afternoon a thunderstorm passes, and the extra oxygen in the water immediately results in even more bites. The rain doesn't last long, luckily, so before dinner we can enjoy the sun for a while.
This evening the owner invited us for an altogether dinner, and because of the fact that he has a lot of experience in catering, we are really looking forward to this dinner. The carp will get a party dinner too, because before we leave for dinner to the gite, we bait up the swims with our baiting sticks.
Dinner was lovely, like expected: scallops as starter, pig as dinner and fresh strawberries from his own garden with whipped cream as dessert... lovely! Once we returned to our swims, at Joep and Maikel it starts of like crazy: within 15 minutes, they had already caught 3 fish, and all of acceptable size. Monday night, the added 8 fish to that, and again several 20lb+! At Bas' swim it remained very calm, but around 8 o'clock he caught at sunrise a beautiful patterned 21lb mirror. We are curious about the surprises we will get the rest of this session!

Fishing holiday: Wednesday April 27th

Tuesday was, if possible, one of the most hectic days of our trip. Even though we didn't keep on counting, we think we caught about 40 carp. We have decided to move the small carp (about 10 of them) to the small lake on the domain. The owner will feed them in this lake, and once they are above 20lb, they will be replaced back in the main lake.
By feeding selective (we hardly use any pellets, just boilies spread out over a big surface) we succeed in catching fish with higher average weight. Bas was the lucky one to catch a beautiful 29lb mirror, a fish that fought for half an hour and literally showed him all the corners of his swim. True spectacle!
In the afternoon we had company of some Dutch friends of the owner who live in the area, and they showed us they know how to catch carp too. Together with Maikel they played a nice mirror carp followed by posing for the picture together. Well done ladies!
We ended the day with a lovely barbecue dinner at the lake with the owners, a lovely 'cote de boeuf' (huge piece of delicious beef of about 2,5kg) was enough for 5 mouths to feed! After that, the dogs had great fun nibble the bone. During dinner, besides carp, we caught several nice roach with the match rod, great fun! This is the 'real French life'!
The night is about selective fishing again: Maikel and Joep caught 3 beautiful 20lb+ carp and at the really early start of the day, I manage to catch one too. Today we will use the feeder rod as well, to try to catch some small carp to move to the stock pond.

Fishing holiday: Thursday April 28th

Wednesday afternoon the nice and warm French Spring weather changed slowly, the clouds were gathering in front of the sun. The carp didn't care, because all three of us caught without exception nice 20lb+ fish... with slightly a couple fish under 20lb+ (which off course went to the stock pond) we hadn't had any complaints. Truly good weather to fish!
The idea to end the holiday in style with a barbecue on the anchorage was embraced, in spite of the bad weather. Until round 3 it all went well, but then the storm broke loose. It was really raining cats and dogs and the sounds from the barbecue were more likely from the raindrops than the heath.
Because we already had caught over 150 carp this week, we decided to reel in the lines and we went to the comfortable gite to spent the evening and night here. We were tired, it was enough... and in the gite were lots of digital pictures to look back on! Besides that, this way, we would be fresh and clean for the trip back home. Unfortunately, that 30lb fish wasn't caught, but with one fish of 29lb and several 27/28lb fish, it can't take long for the guests to catch the first 30lb fish!
After this lovely week, we are proud to add the water, Etang du Charnay, to our package! This is a perfect venue for the angler who likes action, spend his fishing holiday with friends or family and who thinks a quiet environment is essential. The Dutch owner Patrick is like a true host to every visitor, and he is looking forward to your arrival!
From the first week of May this water will be online at our website and here you can find all the information!
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