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Weed update at Timmy's Lake

Timmy's Lake is one of the most favourite 'short stay venues' among our guests ... and quite rightly so! Beautiful fish, good management by Timmy, tasty meals and not too far from Calais! With the new stocking this winter, the action on the lake has again increased. In this short article, we would like to give you an update regarding the current weed growth on the lake at the end of May 2019.

Timmy's Lake has been a bit 'troubled' by weed for years ... and in 2018 we experienced enormous weed growth on the lake due to the extreme drought. Little rain leads to a low water level, which in turn leads to simpler photosynthesis for the present weeds. Sunlight penetrates the bottom more easily on shallow water than on deep water. By having a special mowing boat come a few times, we managed to control the weed growth reasonably well in 2018, although it was sometimes hard work for the anglers. In the winter of 2019 we stocked more than 100 grass carp on Timmy's Lake to help keep the weed well under control. In addition, monthly colour treatment is performed with Dyofix (to inhibit photosynthesis). On Thursday 23th of May a special mowing boat was present for a full day to remove part of the weed.

The photos below show the result after the weed treatment with the mowing boat. As you can see, the central part of the lake (near swim 6 & 7) and the bay of swim 5 ​​is and remains quite substantial. Another weed treatment with the mowing boat is scheduled for midweek from 12 to 16 August. We continue to emphasize that it is wise to adjust your fishing: chod fishing, fishing drop-off, zig fishing (with reasonably thick nylon) and the vertical fishing with poly balls / Avid Bottle Markers. Be sure to delve into it!

It is very important to preserve the weed as it is a major supplier of oxygen throughout the day and a carrier of many natural foods. To simplify fishing on the lake, a boat is available free of charge at each swim. We definitely recommend that you use the boat to find the hotspots. 

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