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The amazing trip of Daniel and Saskia at Etang des Châteliers!

After the first week at the Villedon, we continued to Etang des Châteliers. This lake impresses us with its breathtakingly natural scenery and also its real treasures. Etang des Châteliers doesn't look like an average paid lake, and this is what we like. It features only 9 swims at 60 acres, a luxury Gite for 6 persons and a lot of BIG FISH!

Here you have to work for your fish. We tried all sort rigs to see what was working the best. We moved into swim 5, which offered us the opportunity to fish a huge area of the lake. We had a good feeling that we were going to have a great trip, and this confidence already within 4 hours when we caught our first fish. It was a powerful fish, so I know this was serious business. Half an hour later it showed her colours.

The days here flew by, and we enjoyed ourselves, we caught nice fish and just had a good time - that's were a carp fishing holiday is all about. When the far rod out went off, on 5 days, it started with a few beeps and followed with a heavy take, I already knew after picking up the rod, that I had something hooked very special. Once at the fish was almost landed, the fight really started. A brute escape followed by a massive splash heading to the snags. Luckily, the Ronnie Rig held itself nailed in the scaly beauty's mouth, which, after an hour, finally found my net. "Yeeeeessss !!!" What a unique fish is that? Just the size was impressive, but this extraordinary ghost look made this 50lb even more impressive! A real dream fish and definitely the highlight of this year's spring tour.

Even if the upcoming return to civilization did not make us happy, one thing was sure: we can still live on these experiences and partly relaxing days ... at least until it starts again in June when we are back at Etang des Châteliers!

Daniel & Saskia
Team R & L Baits

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