Kees & Kevin with an amazing result at Dragon Island!

Father Kees & son Kevin Verveer are 'familiar' faces in the carp world. These Dutchies are not afraid and always in for a challenge. As loyal MTC team members, they know exactly what they are doing on the lakeside and a challenge the extreme. Last year the men fished a hard session on Dragon Island where it was really difficult due to heavy night frost and low water levels. Give up? No way! This year the men went back to revenge, and that went perfectly. They write to us the following:

We had a wonderful carp fishing holiday together on Dragon Island this year. Although the circumstances were also quite tough this year (a lot of weed and very low water level) we managed to achieve success this time. On arrival, we noticed that all anglers were in their boat and searching for spots. On a shallow lake, as Dragon Island is at the moment, makes the fish really stressful... that's why we took a different approach. We decided not to use the boat and only cast fishing. By spreading a large amount of MTC boilies over our area, we hoped to get our luck. On Sunday we fed 20 kilos of boilies with the pipe, and after, 2.5 kilos per rod per day. At the end of the week that amounted to approximately 50 kg boilies: a lot of work to feed them with the pipe. But the method worked!

We got 19 bites and caught 17 stunning looking carp, of which the lightest weighed 35lb and the heaviest 46lb (the large scale). All in all, we experienced a successful week due to different fishing and really enjoyed it on Dragon Island. Below you will find some pictures of catches!

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