Jurassik Carpe 1 scores an 8.8 out of 10 in the BTW Revealed review!

This is an article about Jurassik Carpe 1, Jop van Dillen and Willem Kwinten fished here for 4 nights. The first session on Jurassik carp was a learning process, the second session was fishing for carp and made use all our experience. What we learned is written in this article. Also, we caught one of the real pearls from Jurassik Carpe 1!

Willen and Job speaking: We went two times to Jurassik Carpe 1 because we had to take revanche from our first carp fishing holiday. The first time we had no luck with the weather. We had two nights to fish in a shallow part of the lake, and because of the hard wind and rain, it was tough to find a clear spot between the weeds.

Because of the weather, we used the boat and searched for clean spots. In my opinion, we scared they fish with our boat because we were fishing in the shallow zone... We learned from this, next time we will not make the same mistake.

The second trip, everything changed!

Our second trip was in May. When we arrived, we saw some male carp, which were ready to spawn. I was hoping that we were not too late... and we weren't!


This session was 4 nights, we had a lot of takes the first few days. Everything we learned in the first session, we used it this session! Because we booked swim 17 and 18 again, we were in the same situation as the year before. This year I already knew where the clean spots are. I bought a baitboat with sonar so I could find the spot easier than last year. Perfect for dropping your rigs on the exact spot!

We tried not to use the boat so the fish could feed without any big objects floating above them. We only used 18 and 24 mm hook baits so we won't catch other fish besides carp. During the day we fished with 18 mm, and in the night we fished with 24 mm.

- Jurassik Carpe 1 has a fantastic stock of beautiful carp!

- In this picture, you can see the weedy and gravel areas

- We are prepared for big fish!

- You can expect some beautifully scaled mirrors

- The rig is doing his job properly

- You will become handy with a boat

- There are some big sturgeons 

In our 4 nights of fishing we had 24 take's, that was a lot more than we had our first session. Last but not least we caught something amazing the last morning!

- This old mirror was just finished spawning but still 48lb!

The fish that ended our session was on the top of this article, and what a fantastic old carp.his is why Job and I ( Willem ) went to Jurassic carp 1.  Unfortunately just a day after the spawning, but who cares. This is the icing on the cake!

Of our experience of our two sessions this is our rating for this lake:

Service: 8
The service of Guillaume is excellent, sometimes he will get al you’re batteries to recharge them all. Guillaume wants you to have a great week on his domain, he is very proud and wants to show you a lot of things.

Caught and stock: 9
If you want to catch amazing old fish a beautiful carp, I will rate this a 9! This is exactly why we went to Jurassic carp 1. Our expectations were blown away by the result. We caught a lot of different carp, including a beautiful big old carp! There are swimming fish over 65lb so also an exciting venue for the big fish hunters. We worked really hard to catch carp, and we are pleased that our tactics work. 

The exact stock is hard to tell because of its big size. Guillaume is estimating the stock at:

  • +/- 1200 carp
  • Biggest Common: 62lb
  • Biggest Mirror: 71lb
  • +/- 7 carp over 55lb
  • +/- 23 carp between 45lb and 55lb
  • +/- 500 carp over 35lb

Facilities: 7
The facilities are renewed and better than the first time we visited Jurassik Carpe 1. There're enough charging points, freezers and showers for the whole complex.

Swims: 9
At Jurassik Carpe 1, you will experience a lot of space, and it is possible to fish far out. You can reach your swim by car. All swims are single swims (except for swim 11 and 17). If you like to fish with 2 anglers, you can book up two swims next to another and bivvy up in one swim. You can fish both fishing zones, and you will have enough space.

 Accessibility: 10
Only a 2,5-hour drive from Calais!

Everything was decent, and you will really have a good vacation on Jurassik Carpe 1
Jurassik Carpe 1 scores an 8,8 #GREAT

We hope that we told you some useful information and we hope that you will visit Jurassik Carpe 1.

Willem Kwinten & Jop van Dillen

Do you want to know more about Jurassik Carpe 1 or the other lakes of The Carp Specialist? 

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