Alice and Ben with an amazing result at Carpinsula - Mint Pool!

After recovering from the sleepless nights spent at Carpinsula in May 2019, I have now had time to reflect on my first ever international carp fishing trip- and what a trip it was! You may not have heard of Carpinsula before… The reason being that it has only been open to the public for 2 months. The owner, Jelle, initially bought the lakes 10 years ago purely because of his love for nature and fishing and this truly shows in how it operates today.

Carpinsula - Instantly struck with the wild and jungle-like surroundings
Alice Webb

Upon arrival at Carpinsula, you drive down a narrow overgrown track to the prominent gates with the Carpinsula logo clearly written on the top. Once you are through the gates, you are instantly struck with the wild and jungle-like feel of the surroundings. The lakes have been kept as natural as possible to create the wild fishing feel that we generally do not get in the UK. Your eyes are constantly looking left and right as you see the various quiet corners, stalking and snaggy spots of the lakes that you pass upon your short journey to the car park. 

We were greeted by Mark from The Carp specialist, as well as Jelle, the owner. We spent a short time doing introductions but were eager to get to the lake we were fishing for the weekend - Mint Pool. We loaded our fishing gear onto the tailor of a quad bike and the guys at Carpinsula took my fishing equipment directly to the lake and helped me get unloaded.  

On your way to Mint Pool, you walk past other lakes including Origin Pool were we quickly spotted two large albino grass carp- not something you see every day!