A beautiful family carp fishing holiday at Bel Eaux - Belforet

If you are looking for an ideal carp fishing holiday with the best facilities, the most comfort, a lot of fishing action and you also want a real chance to catch an exceptionally heavy carp, we recommend you on behalf of The Carp Specialist wholeheartedly Bell Eaux - Belforet. The distance to this beautiful carp fishing complex, located in the northern French landscape. Because of the convenient drive from Calais, perfectly suitable for the whole family. With three luxuriously gites, several bivvy swims, space and nature, Bel Eaux is an Oasis of peace. Also, the delicious fresh French baguette is delivered to your swim every day and the friendly owner Sébastien is on-site daily with advice and assistance. Joe and An de Ron fished this summer holiday with their son Noah at Bel Eaux - Belforet and were happy to share their pleasant experiences with us!

Joe and An spend their holiday from swim 1, A luxurious gite where you can directly fish from. Joe happily tells us that they all "enjoyed a pleasant carp fishing/family vacation on Bel Eaux - Belforet" It is Joe's first really long carp fishing session in France and a few weeks before his departure he enthusiastically sends a message that he is looking forward to this trip.

During the trip, they had 18 runs in total and managed to catch 15 carp. Joe caught 12 and An 3 carp. "Holding a fish in front of the camera is just as new for An, but that will probably come next time;-)." Joe looks back with satisfaction at a fantastic fishing week; “We caught all carp at a snowman presentation of the Red-Amo and Monster Tigernut wafters from Dynamite Baits. The fish visibly went completely loose on this bait. "

As a tip, Joe would like to give the carp anglers of Bel Eaux - Belforet to protect the hook bait against roach. As plus points, he mentions that Sebastien is a super guy. “If there are any problems, just call and it will be resolved in no time.” The location is very peaceful, according to Joe, and the facilities were in order. ”She enjoyed this carp fishing holiday so much that they have booked another midweek at Bel Eaux - Belforet for next year.

Thanks for this beautiful message Joe, An and Noah. We are curious about the photos of An and maybe Noah's for the next fishing session!

Do you also want to see your story and catches on this website in our section Carpnews? Send us a message with a short report of your fishing holiday with some catch or atmospheric photos and maybe we will see you there!